10-Capital Review: Secrets of Stock Trading With 10-Capital

10-Capital Review: Secrets of Stock Trading With 10-Capital

10-Capital Review

Stock trading is an exciting way to make money and of that a fast one too. If you know how it works and you can make your money work for you. Everyone thinks they understand what is going on in the stock market but do we really know?

Getting into stock trading is easy, fill up few forms, open a trading account with your broker and you are in the game. Setting up a trading account is not the hardest part, making money from it is. As soon as trading starts, the whole idea would seem like a mistake because of some bad, uneducated decisions.

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Misconceptions about Stock Trading

New traders often get caught up in misconceptions which are associated to stock trading and some even join just because of these misconceptions. To list a few:

  • Stock trading is similar to gambling. Profit comes with luck.
  • Profit can be made when market is on high or bullish.
  • Only rich people and brokers are allowed to trade in stocks.
  • Stocks which are up will come down and vice versa.
  • Selecting a good stock is purely based on luck, so no need for research.

Why Stock Trading Is Better Option For Investors?

Now a question runs on the mind, if these are misconceptions, and making profit without putting in some effort is difficult, why would a working man or woman invest in stocks? Why not go for some fixed return options where there is no chances of incurring a loss? The answer to this, is simple,

  • Stock gives higher rate of return than any fixed return instruments like bonds.
  • They are more liquid, ie. can be sold easily and quickly to get cash.
  • Profit can be made whether the market is upish (bullish) or coming down (bearish).

Here Is the Checklist to Start

Understanding the stock market trend is not everyone’s cup of tea; you just cannot give it a few and hope to make profits. Doing so, is no less than gambling and as in gambling, be ready to lose money. Success in stock trading comes from hard work which involves:

  • Get educated on how stock market works.
  • Keep updated with market news.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Be confident about your plan and trade accordingly
  • Keep a journal to track your investments.
  • Don’t be impatient.

Still Not Sure? Take Help!

At this point, educating and keeping update with market seems to be the most important activity to do in order to make constant profits in stock trading. Studying market trends and its analysis is time consuming and not all investor has that much time to go through what’s happening in the market day in and out. Here come institutions like 10-Capital.

10-Capital only provides access to live trading, but also educate beginner investors about the market. Their Trading Guide can help new investor to understand how the market works and the psyche of the market and common emotions are seen in the market.

10-Capital also provide a market simulation tool which works on real time and live values. The simulator can help the new investors to check water before taking in a dive. It can help the investors to get the feel of how markets works before investing real money.

If you are still unsure of where to invest,10-Capital, a Live Trading Chat Room and Feed, does all the analysis work which needs to be done and provide with feeds and comments about how market should perform during the day.

Services provided by 10-Capital to Diamond Members include services like access to live trading, live and real time alerts relating to trade, live training videos of 100 plus hours, support and resistance services on daily basis, Video Summary for the day at closing of the market, webinar access which is scheduled weekly, a forum for members to interact and watch training videos on,  a comprehensive Trading Guide, facility to trade options contracts, analysis of the market and explanations about the technical numbers and what they really mean, One on One training sessions with experts and review of your current portfolio.

The best part of joining 10-Capital right now is that you can get all their services for free from May 9th to May 13th, 2016. From training videos to real time trade alerts, you will be getting all services, no charges. This is an access to the stock market world for new investors who are unsure of taking the plunge. People who are already in the market and are still wobbly can use this opportunity to get educated and learn how to analyze the market for better results.

Making money off stock market can be easy with some tips and tricks from people who are there doing all the hard work for you. You can either seize the opportunity and make a lot out of it, or keep on wondering what went wrong. At the end of the day, Stock trading and a lucrative affair and a lot can be gained if you put in enough efforts.

Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith lives in Savannah, GA and is full time trader. Kenneth offers you his many trading tips in his articles. All the information presented in his posts are based on extensive experience gleaned from years of working with many trading platforms.