A New Bloomberg Report Says Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Wants To Overthrow The Biggest Gold ETF

A New Bloomberg Report Says Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Wants To Overthrow The Biggest Gold ETF

Bloomberg has suggested that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust wants to overthrow the biggest Gold ETF. The huge price surge in Bitcoins and the continuous institutional adoption can help the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust overthrow the biggest commodity ETF soon. Mike Mcglone, the Bloomberg senior analyst, suggested that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is on the track of overpassing the biggest gold ETFs in the few months coming. The strategist listed that the main aim of Bitcoin’s success is the continuous digitalization phase.

GBTC on Track to Surpass the SPDR Gold Shares

SPDR Gold Shares, established in 2004, is a gold-tracking exchange fund containing the highest significant AUM of more than $57 billion. Conversely, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust became known in 2013. Meanwhile, the graph from Bloomberg clearly displays the distinction between the two traded funds until the middle of 2020. The GBTC struggled below $5 billion, while GLD rode high, with AUM going above $80 billion.

As organizations ventured into bitcoin and began garnering huge portions, their gap started to close. As reported, Q3 2020 and particularly Q4 2020 are largely great for Grayscale and its top Trust, and its AUM peaked at about $20 billion. More so, 2021 witnessed more related developments, as GBTC AUM closed and passed $40 billion, based on the firm’s recent update. Simultaneously, GLD’s AUM is declining steeply; more than $20 billion has flown off the prominent gold-tracking ETF.

Expectedly, various Bitcoin proponents, plus the traditional financial scope representatives, like the JPM, have already breached the notion that Bitcoins have taken the market share of the gold. Generally, Bloomberg’s estimation means that when the present trends with Bitcoin and gold are the same thing, GBTC can catch up with GLD in late May 2021 or early July 2021.

Digitalization and Price Difference

Except for the adoption of the institution, the AUM for GBTC and GLD changed because of the cost developments for the two underlying assets. Whereas the value of gold has risen by a fair 17 percent from 1st October to now, the performance of bitcoin has been greatly better since the main crypto has quickly risen by over 500 percent in the same period. The senior analyst and strategist McGlone thinks that the substantial difference shows the world’s digitalization, and the gold shows the slow potential of sustained commodity-costs advances, prominently Vs. Bitcoin.