Aker ASA Launches New Bitcoin Investment Unit Called Seetee AS

Aker ASA Launches New Bitcoin Investment Unit Called Seetee AS

The growth of Bitcoin over the last few months have summarized the entire story of the cryptocurrency market. The market, which is set to triple in size by the end of 2021 by many analysts, has grown so well in the last few months and has become the most sought-after investment space by many potential investors. On the other hand, Bitcoin, the most valuable digital asset in the space, has continued to be the toast of many investors and affiliate firms seeking to provide custody service for digital assets. The latest such service firm is investment giant Aker ASA, which is now set to launch Seetee AS, a Bitcoin investment unit.

The Bitcoin Fund will assist developers

The Norwegian investment giants have been looking to venture into cryptocurrency for a while. They have now announced on the 8th of March, 2021, that it has launched a new unit that will cater to Bitcoin investment. The new unit called Seetee AS is dedicated to helping its customers with everything concerning Bitcoin from custody to the protection and the investment guide. The CEO of the new venture, Snorre Lorgen, in an interview with the press after the launch, believes that the services set to be rendered by Seetee AS will come with a lot of uniqueness and value-driven.

The investment unit currently boasts about $60 million in its holdings as of now, as Lorgen confirmed that the portfolio would receive further increment. According to the new Executive, Seetee AS will be investing in Bitcoin in multiple ways. Firstly, they will develop a system of assisting Bitcoin developers with funds and setting up their team. This approach has also been used in Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto team. The Executive also confirmed that the firm also has eyes on diversification of its investments, as they will also be leveraging on its parent company, Aker ASA, resources.

Kjell Inge Røkke is optimistic about Seetee AS

The new CEO had also spoken of how ambitious the project is. He believes that the current preparation level before the project’s launch was instrumental to where they are currently. He also believes that the talents at Aker ASA, which was relied upon while the project was in the pipeline, were sufficient for its growth. He is also confident that the project will be successful, as he believes that the crypto market is large enough for anyone to succeed. The Chairman of the Norwegian investment group, Aker ASA, Kjell Inge Røkke, had also expressed his delight and optimism for the new project.

In his address to the press, he confirmed that Aker ASA has been looking to get into the cryptocurrency market for a while and are currently taking their chances. The Chairman also confirmed that he has also sent a note to his board members and investors to partner with them to ensure that Seetee AS is successful.