Analyst Predicts a ‘Giga Move’ and Large Market Share for a New Cryptocurrency

Analyst Predicts a ‘Giga Move’ and Large Market Share for a New Cryptocurrency

A top crypto analyst and trader has predicted that a new crypto asset is set to surge at a fast space and even compete with older assets as the coin with the largest market share. Hiding under a pseudonym tagged Kaleo, the trader notified his 51,000 followers of the emergence of Avalanche (AVAX) and its preparedness to rise by at least 300% of its worth from its current price of 0.0004 to record levels in the nearest future. He sees AVAX/BTC pushing back to last September ATH. Moreover, the trader predicts that the coin will rise by more than 35% in just a few days, jumping from its current $12.5 to $17. He urged his followers to get ready for the rapid movement.

Avalanche can easily make the top 10 digital assets

According to Kaleo, this token will be among the most sought-after crypto products globally. Specifically, he believes AVAX will be among the best 10. Currently, AVAX stands at the 42nd position among the largest coins. Besides, the top crypto trader is garnering more attraction and believability as his Bitcoin prediction that he made in early 2019 is nearly coming to fruition.

He reminded his followers of the upsurge in Bitcoin price that he predicted two years ago and how it is becoming real. His chart indicates that Bitcoin is going to ha it $140,000 high. As regards Ethereum, the analyst sees the digital currency rising to as high as $10,000. He asserts that $10,000 should not be seen as an impossibility.

Avalanche, otherwise known as AVAX, is a non-mineable digital currency. It was launched in 2020. It uses the N/A algorithm. The total supply of AVAX now is around 76,937,050 coins and a market capitalization of $987,205, 590 making it the 45th largest cryptocurrency. Its price is now $12.8222, trading 24 hours.

The volume is $93,265,208. The price hit a record level of $14.30 on Jan. 17 this year. It fell by 0.24% in 24 hours and about to rise by 1.25% based on an hour ago. Weekly, the price falls by 2.3%. Meanwhile, every month, the price rises by 334.,40%, but it is 0.55% higher from a year ago.

Meanwhile, a prediction from Coinarbitrator, a crypto s, sees AVAX at $9.52530 by December 2021 and $11.6445in early 2022. It suggested that AVAX could rise to $68.1660 in 3yearse and could also bottom at $5.88666 in a downtrend.

What is Avalanche?

This digital asset is a decentralized app network that functions in a way similar to that of Polkadot. The platform enables developers to use blockchains suitable for particular tasks and can operate efficiently with other blockchains to intricate work. Avalanche is an open-source network that eases the decentralization and interoperation of blockchains for users based on their requirements.

The technique is aimed at producing a universal environment that cuts across all platforms. Users of this platform depend on AVAX for the payment of deals on Avalanche. Avax is a fixed property because the tokens are burned as soon as they are used. The asset serves as a means of payment on the avalanche platform. Avalanche is needed given the congestion that has bedeviled Ethereum lately, thereby preventing many people from using Ethereum.