Revolut Plans To Debut Four New Plans For EEA Customers

Revolut Plans To Debut Four New Plans For EEA Customers

The England-based bank had given a wide range of services since its creation five years ago. The financial technology institution offers exclusive service like the fee-free cryptocurrency exchange that many crypto enthusiasts applauded to promote interest from potential clients.

Numerous digital assets exchanges are pushing their limits by infusing newly created crypto assets on their platform to help the community grow to a peak it rightfully deserves. On December 11, the British bank added another upgrade to their app for the crypto traders. The fintech company added four new digital assets option for users within the European Economic Area.

New crypto-asset options now available to EEA customers

The customers based in the area are pleased with the latest development. They are excited that the new options would allow them to make better trading choices with a broader range of options. The EEA members have countries from the European Union and most countries within the Free Trade Association.

However, Switzerland-based customers will not enjoy the latest developments based on the country’s exemption. In 2015, the company was primarily a financial technology company before cryptocurrencies took the fintech industry by surprise, leading to many of them offering trading options. Over the years, the institution added new essential services like cross-border transfers, insurance and digital assets exchange.

Around three years ago, the bank created a platform called Revolut Crypto to make trading of cryptocurrencies easy. The biggest challenge that new traders face is not knowing much about crypto trade. This factor has discouraged potential investors from putting their money into the digital assets industry for fear of losing all they invested.

The Revolut platform was given a simple interface where a novice can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without much problem. Although the exchange was applauded for making things easy, critics claim that the platform was not suitable for serious traders because transfers cannot be made to wallets outside Revolut and digital assets the investors have cannot be received by it.

Increased demand led to new asset options

The increased demand within the European continent for the new assets led to them being available as options. The new tokens are ESO, OMG network,  Tezos and 0x and they would soon be available on the platform for exchange. It’s safe to note that Bitcoin was the first crypto the exchange used on before others.

This year has been an impressive year for the bank, with their consistence in infusing new crypto into their system and their relentless efforts to make more features available for customers to enjoy. The recent collaboration with Paxo, an America-based trust, brought many opportunities for the company in America. The partnership allowed American customers to use the crypto exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency without violating any regulation across borders.

Also, few months ago, the bank included the Australian market in its customer base. It made the exchange usage available to interested Australian traders. The recently added country has different crypto assets options to choose from to assure a satisfying trade.

David Pražák