Beeple And Co. Set To Debut Their Digital Artworks In China

Beeple And Co. Set To Debut Their Digital Artworks In China

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to be in the news, at least recent, as the crypto depicted artworks continue to pull strengths within the crypto space. The crypto arts, which can be in the form of any media, are called NFTs because they are mostly cropped off Blockchain networks. Despite the growing presence of NFTs in the cryptocurrency space, the digital art sector is still a relatively small place unknown to many in the crypto space. According to reports, the digital artworks, which mostly feature crypto-themed events, are now set to debut in China for the first time.

It will feature the works of many other NFT artists

The event, which will feature the crypto digital artworks of many prominent artists like Beeple, Robert Alice, Refik Anadol, and many others, is set to happen next month in Beijing, China. The inaugural digital art-themed program called “The Virtual Niche” will be hosted by Block Create Art, a Chinese digital art marketplace known to be promoting the NFT space in the Asian country. It will feature the works of famous NFT artist Beeple, who, according to reports, have made about $5 million from the sale of crypto arts alone.

Robert Alice, the creative behind popular crypto art- Block 21, will also be present at the event. Coincidentally, this is the first time both Beeple and Alice’s works will be featuring in china. The presence of many other creatives known across the NFT space will also grace the event, according to Sun Bohan, Block Create Art’s CEO. Sun is delighted that his organization is the first to host such an event, as he feels that it will create more exposure for the NFT market in China and even across Asia. Sun also explained in detail that while the show is centered around crypto arts, there will also be exhibitions of several non-related crypto artworks at the event.

The NFT market is growing

In his interview with the press, Sun confirmed that the art exhibition, which is set to host from March 26th to April 4th, 2021, also has the footprints of a few cryptocurrency firms on it. The executive confirmed that the Kusama network and Bitmain would financially sponsor the nine-day event. Bitmain is one of the leading Bitcoin mining firms in China and Kusama is an affiliate of Polkadot Network. The works and creativity being employed by many digital artists in the NFT space are starting to get recognized and paying off, as the relatively unpopular market is on the trajectory of growth.

According to Dune’s data, the market that was barely worth $100 million by the end of last year is already boasting about $300 million as of today. According to the report from Dune, the forthcoming digital art exhibition in Beijing next month will only further plummet the value of the creative cryptocurrency space.