Bitcoin List As Top Ten Most Valuable Asset In The World

Bitcoin List As Top Ten Most Valuable Asset In The World

The pioneer cryptocurrency BTC, which was launched in 2009 and celebrated eleven years a few days ago, continues to make giant strides in the cryptocurrency space. Since its inception, the token has placed itself as not only the leading but also the most valuable cryptocurrency in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Despite some falls within, the crypto had seen its prices rise by more than 80% in the last 30days to trade about $35,000 in today’s prices. In a new report by Asset Dash, a cryptocurrency and ETF trading firm, BTC is now the ninth most valuable asset globally, at least by market capitalization.

Bitcoin is up there with Tesla and Alibaba

According to Asset Dash’s report, BTC’s current market capitalization is about $648 Billion, which is slightly below Alibaba($650 billion) and Tesla($696 billion) at number eight and seven, respectively. The successes enjoyed by BTC have been overwhelming in the last two months, as it took the cryptocurrency barely two weeks to overtake companies like payment giant VISA, Berkshire Hathaway, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to force itself into the top ten.

Other cryptocurrencies aiming to follow BTC

BTC is undoubtedly making waves, and the least it is doing is exposing other cryptocurrencies to its success. Ethereum, the leading altcoins, which has continued to follow the part of BTC by attaining record breaking heights at prices, is also in the list of the 100 most valuable global assets companies.

Ethereum, which has gone up by 11% in the last 24hours and now with a current market capitalization of about $131 million, is ranked 82nd on the list by Asset Dash. A few other cryptocurrencies have made their mark on the list, with Tether placed at 475th position, Litecoin ranked 804th, XRP at 812th, Polkadot at 877th, Cardano at 922th, and finally Bitcoin Cash at 939th, all making the top 1000 list. The future is bright for cryptocurrencies, as analysts expect at least two more cryptocurrencies to join BTC in the top 100 soon.

The new report by Asset Dash lists Apple Inc. with a market capitalization of $2.3 trillion in the peak position. Apple with over $600 billion gaps ahead of both Microsoft and Amazon with a market cap of about $1.65 trillion and $1.61 trillion respectively, placing both as second and third respectively on the list. The top five is now completed by Alphabet A with a market cap of $1.2 trillion at fourth, and Facebook with a market cap of $773 billion.

It is worthy to note that BTC and Facebook’s distance is about $125 billion, which is no longer a matter of if, but when BTC will surpass Facebook and break into the top five. Analysts expect that the cryptocurrency whose trading volume has now tripled in barely two weeks to attain this figure in barely two quarters, at least at the current pace.

David Pražák