Celsius Network Worth Three Times It’s Market Capitalization

Celsius Network Worth Three Times It’s Market Capitalization

The boom of the cryptocurrency space had attracted many new investors to space and birthed innovations from the players in the space. The crypto space also continues to draw the attention of many financial and technology outfits outside the space, who have either created new Blockchain tools or are partnering with the existing Blockchain technologies in the space. Celsius Network, founded in 2017, is one of the most successful crypto lending platforms in the Block space. However, in new research by Alpha Sigma Capital, the Blockchain hedge fund managers have dismissed the claims that Celsius’s worth is $1.1 Billion. Their research shows that Celsius is worth $3.3 billion.

Celsius assets under management will reach $3 billion by December

In the official statement from Alpha SIgmal Capital, they believe that with the successes that Celsius have witnessed in the past year, the crypto lenders are currently undervalued. Celsius has spent the last year strategizing and launching different customer bespoke services, contributing to its growth in the last 12 months. In the research by Alpha Sigmal Capital, the investment managers also predict the growth of assets under Celsius’s management.

They believe that the assets under Celsius’s management will grow to at least $3 billion by December 2021. According to Alpha Sigma Capital, Assets under Celsius’s management are also expected to grow annually by 25% at least 2025. With this projection, Celsius will likely have assets worth more than $10 billion under its management by December 2025. Celsius’s turnaround period was last when it generated a record-high revenue of $126 million and saw its customer base grew by more than 250% in just 12months.

Celsius token CEL also one of the DeFi market top guns

The CEO of Celsius, Alex Mashinsky, has discussed the fortunes of the Blockchain technology firm. He believes that with the current plans at hand, Celsius will only continue to do better. The Blockchain firm has recently enhanced its platform with exchange capabilities, which will allow customers, both old and new, to get a first-hand crypto exchange experience on its platform. Alex also discussed insurance on user deposits, as he confirmed that Celsius is developing a tool that will cater to such needs soon.

According to Alex, with such innovation in place, Celsius’s customer base is expected to grow further. The crypto lenders have also paid out more than $200 million in crypto rewards to its ever-growing customer base. The Blockchain’s token, CEL, had also experienced some good fortunes, as it has become one of the top performers of the booming DeFi space. However, according to Alex, the crypto lenders are not relaxing on the current success, as the Executive confirms that there is more to come in the next few months.