Coinbase CEO Promises Customer Care Improvement

Coinbase CEO Promises Customer Care Improvement

Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, used the Reddit platform to speak on inquiries directed to the establishment before they’ll be authorized to trade publicly in the United States. He handled inquiries centered around the deficiency of the establishment’s customer care, possible damages when working with decentralized exchanges, and reasons they sell the old shares instead of the recent coins. The business went public for the first time on Reddit, and it also contained a recording of him and the chief financial officer of Coinbase. Usually, Pre-IPO companies partake in these activities where executives meet with potential investors to buy the Establishments shares.

Amstrong Gives Reasons For Poor Customer Care Services

Brian Armstrong explained the reason for using a mainstream platform, Reddit, despite his digital media preference. They wanted to connect with as many investors as possible before it’s finally listed. He also stated in the video that inquiries from the users of Reddit were over a thousand, so they focused on inquiries with more likes and didn’t respond to some due to regulatory processes. One of the inquiries was poor client service and high automated replies.

He addressed it by first stating that the present state of Crypto multiplied client requests. Armstrong gave assurance about things to resolve the present situation with client care, like hiring new staff. Armstrong said they’d recruited a lot of staff in 2021 compared to other years. Those recruited have to be trained to deliver excellent service to clients. That’s why responses have been automated recently, but not to deny clients the opportunity to reach customer care.

Mode of Operation For Coinbase

People are fascinated by his reply to the inquiry regarding DEXs as they are independent forums for trading Crypto instead of Coinbase that is centralized and more expensive. The establishment would develop to incorporate various services. It’ll also give customers the option to approach the company based on their preferences, just as Amazon allows different people, including competitors, to use their website for sale. He said it’ll be similar to Amazon’s early stages when Bezos allowed different goods on their site, including their competition.

The idea seems crazy, but it provides lots of value to their clients, and that is the aim of Coinbase, providing customer value above everything else. Regarding the availability of old shares and not crypto tokens, he said it is due to poor infrastructure and regulatory impediments. This was disappointing for crypto lovers, but he said it might be resolved in the future, and he believes that several companies would become public that way.