Coinbase Investor Predicts The Crypto Industry As The Next Big Thing

Coinbase Investor Predicts The Crypto Industry As The Next Big Thing

Ron Conway, an early investor of Coinbase, has stated that the cryptocurrency industry is the next huge dollar opportunity in the world. The investor equally compared the firm with Google while backing the assumption that cryptocurrency is in its early phase. In his words, the crypto space is “the next multimillion-dollar opportunity in innovation.” The day Coinbase’s shares formally began trading, the notable investor maintained that the crypto space is rapidly expanding and is getting started.

Coinbase is the Crypto Economy’s Google- Ron Conway

An early and notable investor in the US biggest crypto exchange with prominent firms such as Facebook, Airbnb, and Google, talked concerning the crypto future in an interview. The investor stated that crypto is the upcoming dollar innovative opportunity. He has big hope and optimism that the crypto industry is rapidly expanding and listed its vast potential. For Conway, crypto is still in the early phase. The US crypto exchange prominent investor shared this expression when the shares of Coinbase formally began trading. After that, he compared Google (the world’s biggest search engine) to Coinbase.

Conway, definitely thinks that Coinbase is just the Google for the economy of crypto and opens a massive opportunity or chance to customers. What’s more, the investor thinks that the firm works as the market leader since it concentrates entirely on crypto instead of diversifying in diverse sectors. He stated that the crypto exchange had established a heavy brand that entices new users via its user-friendly design. Coinbase continuously adds new cryptocurrency services plus new coins present to its services, Conway added.

Likely Threats of The Industry

The stocks of Coinbase started with a cost tag of about $400. Despite the positive beginning, Brian Armstrong, the Coinbase CEO, has warned concerning the regulatory threat of the industry. Further, Conway revealed the effect of a just legislative framework that can improve the sector development rather than restricting it. We wish to be handled on the same level with conventional financial services and not possess any punishment. Conway finally hinted at the US and China competition. The investor maintained that the US should attempt to be the top country in the crypto space and even establish job opportunities. There should be millions of employments established from this million dollar sector, and it fits for the job opportunities to be situated in America.