Crypto Hackers Use Celebrity Youtube To Scam

Crypto Hackers Use Celebrity Youtube To Scam

The year 2021 has begun with a lot of optimism for most people, especially in the cryptocurrency space, which had started the year in high spirits again, extending from last year. Unfortunately, crypto hacking continues to be prevalent again this year as hackers continue to devise innovative and deceptive ways of flourishing the scam business. A new report gathered, famous American social media celebrity and YouTuber Keyshawn Buttler, also known as Hickey, had been the bait for the scammers, who hacked into his youtube page to run a live giveaway scam.

The hackers illegally hacked his youtube account

In the report gathered, the 24year old socialite was involved with the scammers in a long series of chats, which was believed to be emails. The hackers were able to gain illegal access to his youtube account in these conversations, unknowingly to Hickey. Hickey, who hails from North Carolina, has been a talismanic figure on youtube with about 250,000 subscribers.

The hack became suspicious when the hackers, who have now gotten access to his account, deleted all his previous contents and uploaded cryptocurrency-related information on his youtube page. In a bid to authenticate their intentions, the hackers had also renamed the page to ETHEREUM FUND, much to the suspicion of Hickey fans. Many of his subscribers could still link the account to Hickey due to the other details that the hackers weren’t authorized to change on the account.

The hackers ran a fake live giveaway of Ethereum and Bitcoin on his page with more than 60,000 subscribers in attendance. In a bid to promote the fake giveaway and to delight the audience, the hackers streamed a video of Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum.

Hackers promised 40,000 ETH and 3000 BTC and carted away with more than $100,000

Shortly after they had played the video, the scammers who have now promised their audience rewards of up to 40,000 ETH and 3000 BTC had placed a link on the live video where the audience can now stake. In an attempt to sway their new audiences, the hackers had promised them that they would be compensated on their stakes and get mouthwatering rewards on them.

The hackers went further to convince the audience to send their stakes to a specific address. In the report, the total amount of Ethereum sent to the address is about 40ETH valued at about $50,000 and with about 2BTC equivalent to more than $60,000 sent too. There are still checks to determine how much in gross the scammers have carted away, as investigations are still ongoing.

However, the most surprising is that Hickey has neither come out to defend himself nor deny his knowledge of the event that occurred on his page. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has yet to address the videos on the fake giveaway related to him in the scam.

David Pražák