FXOro Review – Trade Online With a Trustworthy Broker

FXOro Review – Trade Online With a Trustworthy Broker

FXOro Review

Investing in financial assets is not such a big deal. It is not a big deal because investing in the financial market is a complicated thing. Still, because of the factors that surround the very art of investment, a lot of traders and investors have found smart ways of doing business in the market. There are a lot of unstable factors that make financial investments a little more complicated than the ordinary art of investing. The goal of all investments is to make a profit. Regardless of investment asset or class, all investors envision a future where all of their investments bring profitable returns.

The profitability of financial investments depends on the factors that surround financial assets themselves. Money exists in various forms of currency, but one thing common to all the kinds of money is that they all hold some sort of value. Just as the branches of a tree move with the tides of the wind, money fluctuates in value every changing minute. The value of money moves in a constant cycle of increase and reduction with time and a lot of other factors. These are the factors that determine the value of money over time. The volatile nature of the financial market has scared a lot of potential investors away from the world of financial assets. Still, some smart expert investors have devised several methods to make the volatility of money and the financial market work to bring profits to their investments.

Investors have devised many dynamic methods of trading profitably in the financial assets market. Some of these methods are Forex currency pair trading, Cryptocurrency trading, Stock exchange trade, Commodities trading, and more. The fact that these trading methods bring fantastic profit prospects does not mean they are immune to a loss, and this is why you need a broker as an investor who anticipates profit. The duty of the broker will be to advise you on trade actions, present a platform for you to carry out your trade orders, and to simplify for you, the complexities of the trading market.

Investment brokerage platforms are usually designed by experts of the financial assets trade market who have gained many years of experience in the trading field. The experience of these experts is what guides investors on their brokerage platforms. Investment brokers are numerous; some of them focus their trade actions around a limited number of asset classes, while others diversify their portfolio. These brokers endeavor to provide all a trader or investor needs in the financial market to become a successful trader on their platform with the classes of assets they have available on their platform.

Choosing a broker whose vision and platform correctly complement your investment goals can also be another big deal you need to deal with in your journey to successful trading. Choosing a broker should typically not be an issue, but because of the multitude of brokers available, it becomes hard to identify and select the reliable ones. Thankfully, there are green and red marks to look out for in choosing an investment broker.

FXORO is an investment brokerage platform, and this is a review of its platform. At the end of this review, you would have seen a majority of what to expect on the FXORO platform. You can then decide if its platform is the broker you need or not.


Broker FXORO
Website www.fxoro.com
Trading platform Mt4 web-based trader,

Mt4 MAC OS, Mt4 for Android and IOS.

Account Options Fixed Spread Account, Floating Spread Account, and ECN Account


Professional Account, and

Islamic Account

Assets coverage Forex, CFDs (Contract For Difference), Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, and shares
Trading tools MT4, Economic Calendar,news, signals, and market updates
Payment methods Safecharge, Cardpay, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, MyBank, and EcoPayz
Spreads Competitive
Education and Training Yes. Basic Courses, In-depth Courses, Webinars, and EBooks
Language Options Eight language options
CFD Service Exemption United States of America, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Canada
Customer Service 24 hours a day. Email, Telephone, Web platform Contact Form
Parent Company MCA Intelifunds LTD
Location Limassol, Cyprus

FXORO is an investment brokerage platform owned by MCA Intelifunds Ltd, located in Cyprus. This brokerage platform offers CFD (Contract for Difference) trades on Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies. The assets database of this broker is quite extensive and allows for a lot of trading styles. The assets available on the FXORO platform are more than enough for any diligent broker to become a profitable investor in the financial asset brokerage market in a minimal timeframe.

The FXORO platform has a bunch of educational resources with which it empowers its clients for the best trading experience possible. The educational resources available on this platform cover simple and straightforward subject matters, as well as the technical aspects of financial asset investments. FXORO provides eBooks, videos, and other resources for its clients to trade confidently. A trader on the FXORO platform is entitled to all the knowledge he/she needs to be successful in the art of trading.

FXORO has some of the most resourceful trading tools any trader could need for trade activities. The trading tools on the FXORO platform offer an in-depth analysis of market conditions, global happenings, and the likely trend of events in the market in the days to come. Every trader and investor on this broker’s service has access to the latest trading tools that can help them have fantastic and successful trading experiences.

A team of young finance entrepreneurs spearheaded the design of the FXORO platform. This platform has been helping investors got the best of their investments since its invention in 2012. You can be sure this platform has lasted the test of time. The platform uses cutting edge technological innovations to make its platform continuously relevant.

The FXORO platform is quite proactive because it conducts a lot of crucial research into financial assets to keep serving its clients to the best of its abilities. The platform has its interface available in eight major languages of the world. A client of FXORO can be sure its platform is easily accessible for people in many regions of the world.

The range of trading account options available on the FXORO platform is also quite dynamic. This broker has three unique trading account options from which a user can choose. There are also the options of a professional account as well as an Islamic account. The account options on the FXORO platform are to help as many investors as possible to benefit from the fantastic offers on its platform. These trading accounts are designed with various spread options and fantastic benefits.

The trading platforms of this broker are available on a web-based Mt4 trader, as well as Mt4 mobile traders for mobile devices (Android and iOS). The broker also provides the trading platform on the macOS operating system.

Also, in terms of payment options, traders and investors can fund their trading accounts, and withdraw earnings with payment methods like Safecharge, Card pay, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, MyBank, and EcoPayz.

FXORO supports feedback and has provided a lot of channels through which its clients can reach its agents. The broker has a superb customer service team that attends to the queries and questions of its clients across the globe.

The FXORO platform is simply amazing.



The range of products available on the FXORO platform is quite notable. The FXORO platform can boast of CFD trade products on Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. The fact that FXORO offers CFD trades in these large chunks of the financial asset’s world is something quite notable about its platform.

CFD trades work bilaterally, and a trader can profit from a CFD trade in both ways depending on his trade choices. CFD is one of the greatest innovations of the financial assets trade market. A trader can make money when a currency loses value against another, or even when the circumstances are reversed.

CFD trades are, however, risky, and almost all platforms that offer CFD trade products advise that a trader invest only amounts of money that such a trader can overlook, because a CFD trade can cause a trader to lose all of his invested funds.

The prospects embedded within the assets available on the FXORO platform are infinite. The five classes of assets available on this platform also hold many more assets under them, and a broker can make an immense profit from all these options.

The diversity of assets available on the FXORO platform also helps traders diversify their investments when they need to. Although some traders prefer to base their investments around a few (or even a single) asset class, whatever an investor needs to do in the context of financial assets investments, the FXORO platform has all an investor needs.


FXORO has three unique trading account options from which its clients can choose. The three accounts hold different spread levels for various classes of investors and traders. The trading account options available on the FXORO platform are highlighted below with a skeletal detail about them.

The Fix Spread Account: The Fixed spread trading account of FXORO is designed for forex traders and investors who require fixed spreads. In this trading account level, the trading spread remains constant throughout most trading conditions, as well as a better spread than the average variable alternative. Hence, irrespective of the trading conditions, customers of the broker have the guarantee of the difference between buying and selling price. Other features of the account are:

  • Up to 1:400 leverage
  • Two pips Spread
  • Full margin capability
  • No commission
  • Islamic Account Optional

The Floating Spread Account: This trading account offers a variable spread option, which is suitable for traders with many trades a day. The floating spread account works in line with market variables. A variable spread is a constantly changing or dynamic market. In this type of trading account, the spreads will vary depending on the market conditions. Clients on this trading account level enjoy 100 percent precision of enter and exit price execution. Other features of the account are

  • Up to 1:200 leverage
  • 2 pips Spread
  • 25 percent stop out
  • No commission
  • Islamic Account Options

The ECN Spread Account: The ECN trading account, which stands for Electronic Communication Network, is suitable for professional traders in the market. Traders and investors on this trading account level enjoy access to an automated system that matches the buy and sell orders in the financial market. The ECN makes a huge profit by charging a fee for each transaction, and the spread can vary between 0 to a high number of pips. The dynamism is dependent on the calmness and the volatility of the financial market. Other features of the ECN trading account are:

  • Up to 1:100 leverage
  • 0 pips Spread
  • 50 percent stop out
  • Commission: $6/ €5/ £4 per lot
  • Islamic Account Options

These trading account options are designed with different spread levels to help clients of the FXORO platform get the best of their investments. You can be sure there is an account that covers your investment goals on the FXORO platform, regardless of your capital or your trading experience.

The Islamic Account

The FXORO platform also offers the option of an Islamic trading account under each of the accounts listed above. FXORO designed these Islamic accounts to cater to the investment needs of the Muslim faithful. The Islamic trading account is also called a swap-free account. Islamic accounts are only for USD base currencies, and the design of the accounts is optimized to meet the investment needs of people of the Islam faith.

The Professional Account

FXORO also has a professional account option. The professional account is a kind of reserved account for heavy and experienced investors. The criteria of this form of account demand that an investor has more than € 500,000 of financial assets in his/her portfolio, as well as over a year of trading experience.


The FXORO platform offers a lot of educational materials to help empower its clients for the best trading experiences possible. The knowledge they say is power, with the number of educational resources available on the FXORO platform, diligent clients of this brokerage platform would become gurus of the assets trading market in a concise time frame even with no prior trading experience.

The educational resources available on the FXORO platform cover a wide range of investment subject matters. Some of the educational resources available on the FXORO platform are listed below with a skeletal frame of their nitty-gritty.

Basic Courses: This sector of the FXORO platform’s education center touches topics such as the art of trading, Chance and risk, Emotional trading, Risk distribution, Currency pairs, Buying, and selling.

The educational resources under this segment are mainly in video materials, which make it somewhat interactive.

In-depth Courses: The subject matters touched in this segment are: Beginners course, trading tools, Trading strategies, Meta trader tutorials, CFDs and Stocks, and social trading. These courses come in video lessons as well.

EBooks: The eBooks available on the FXORO platform cover Forex and Advanced trading subject matters.

Glossary: This segment of the FXORO platform highlights the A to Z of the trading resources available on its platform.

With all these educational resources, a trader can be confident of the FXORO platform’s success intent for its clients.


The trading tools available on any broker’s platform speak volumes about the experience and expertise of the platform’s administrators. The trading tools available on the FXORO platform offer deep insights into market trends and potential upturns (or downturns) of the financial assets trade market.

FXORO has an economic calendar available for the use of its clients. This calendar shows global financial happenings and the trends that follow them in a way that helps the investor plan his/her investments accordingly. The FXORO platform also uses News and trading signals to help its clients get the best of their investments.


The FXORO offers a unique trading platform for its numerous customers. The trading platform is available on an Mt4 user-friendly platform. The Mt4 platform of the FXORO platform is available on the following interfaces:

  • Windows (Web-based)
  • Android (Mobile)
  • IOS (Mobile)


The customer service of this broker is available to answer and proffer workable solutions to the questions and queries of its clients. When the need arises, a client can contact the agents of FXORO’s customer service through any of the following methods:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • A contact us form on its website


There are eight different language options available on the FXORO platform. The availability of these language options should give one an idea about how vast the platform spreads. The language options available on the FXORO platform are: English language, Italian language, Turkish language, Romanian language, Magyar language, Arabic language, Deutsch language, and the Spanish language.


The FXORO platform is one of the financial assets trading platforms that has distinguished itself with a standard of excellence over the years. Traders and investors on this service of this broker can rest assured of quality service delivery, as well as professional assistance in the financial market.

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