Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 A Recommended Trading Platform?

Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 A Recommended Trading Platform?

Genesis11 Review

Genesis11 logoThe field of online trading is not a new concept anymore. Many traders have started investing their capital in this field. This is the reason why online trading, and especially crypto trading, is getting so popular these days. Every trader wants to invest in this market because of its promising profits and secure investment opportunities for the trader of every level. If you are an experienced trader who has been working in this field for a long time, or you are a newcomer, everyone can invest in online trading and earn some pretty good profits. Keeping in mind, the world has changed its economic condition rapidly. The businesses are not that well rewarding now when compared to the past. This is the reason why most of the traders prefer online trading to earn some extra cash other than the salary or whatever source of income they have. So if online trading is giving people the opportunity to earn some extra bucks to fulfil their dreams, then why not invest in cryptocurrency with the help of a professional broker such as Genesis11?

If you are a new trader, then it is not necessary that you will have to work day and night in order to get that experience through which you can earn those high profits. The advancements in crypto trading have made it so easy for traders. No matter if you are an experienced trader who has a lot of capital to invest or you are an inexperienced and amateur trader who is not aware of how crypto trading works, both types of traders can trade easily, and they both have equal chances of earning profits. You must be wondering that how does this statement even make sense. It is true because brokers are your partners if you wish to step into the world of crypto.

Brokers provide you with a platform where traders can trade the different trading instruments, for example, cryptocurrency. But not only these brokers provide the platform, but they also help you throughout your experience. Because these brokers are working in this field for a long period of time, so they have all the experience that is necessary for you to make some profits out of your investment. So registering with a brokerage firm is really important and an essential step of online trading. It is important because a broker is a person who can enhance or ruin your experience of trading. If you have joined crypto trading with an aim to earn money, then that can be completely ruined if you don’t choose a broker wisely.

So with all of that being said, now the most difficult and important question is that where you can find a good broker? If you search for top brokers on the internet, you are going to get a list of hundreds of brokers offering different types of services and features. But it is really important to keep in mind that not every broker is fulfilling its claims. Especially when you know that there are scams as well, which are really hard to be distinguished. And you surely don’t want to become a victim of these scams.

There are two ways that you can choose a broker for yourself. The first one is that you choose a broker who is working in this field for quite some time and has gained enough popularity among traders. There are many names that are listed on the internet for such brokers who are recommended by experienced traders. But these brokers are still working on the old techniques and methods which are not suitable for this modern time. Then there is another option to choose a new broker, who is aware of all the needs of the traders of modern times and are equipped with the latest technology and techniques.

So what do you prefer: experience or technology? The choice is yours because, in this article, we are going to talk about a brokerage firm known as Genesis11 and see what this platform has to offer to the traders and then at the end, you can decide if this broker is right for you or not.

Genesis11 website

Educational Resources At Genesis11

For a trader, the most important thing is knowledge, as the more traders learn about trading and the market, the better their experience gets. When you sign up with a broker, it is important that you check whether the platform provides you with educational material or not. This is because as a new trader or an experienced trader, education is very important. It allows a trader to learn more things about the trading world and the financial market.

Many brokers fail to provide quality education resources, and this is something that restricts traders. When a trader is not up to date with the trading trends and patterns or does not know the basic information about the market, then how can they grow as a trader? How will their trading career take off? Genesis11 is a platform that provides really good education as it understands the importance of providing customers with resources and materials which would help them to learn about trading techniques. But other than being very progressive and fulfilling traders’ needs by providing the right material, it also does it without any cost. This basically means that even if you are not a user of Genesis11, you can still access the learning materials.

Most brokers provide education material to members that are registered, but Genesis11 is a rare broker that has decided to let anyone access the information. This is available on the Genesis11 site, and the goal is to help traders of all types, whether they are new or they have been around for a while, to understand how the financial market works. Many people join the trading world, but they are unaware of what actually goes on in the market. The information that Genesis11 provides to its users is very good at breaking down the process for technical analysis. These resources also help traders in learning trading techniques which are crucial for successful trading. These resources highlight the ways that traders can avoid risks while trading in the market. A very good trading strategy is the hedging strategy, and that too is something which Genesis11 teaches to its users.

Genesis11 provides advanced material to those traders who are registered with it. This includes videos, courses, e-books and other resources too. So if you choose Genesis11, you will be provided with all the ways to improve your trades, with techniques and strategies.

Security: An Essential Feature

Online trading is a field where many traders come and earn profits out it. But that doesn’t mean it is a safe place. Of course, with advancements in security protocols and technology, the risk of getting scammed has been reduced, but still, we can’t say that online trading is completely safe for traders. There have been many cases reported recently as well, which shows that traders must have to be aware of these scammers as they are really hard to distinguish.

While choosing a broker, many traders overlook this part which is security. In fact, it should be the first thing that a trader should consider while choosing a broker. Let me tell you why security is the most important feature. When you sign up with a brokerage firm, you not only deposit your investment in it but also provide your personal and financial information to that broker. For instance, your address, Identity, credit or debit card number for depositing, and many more as well. So I can bet that none of you would want your information to get stolen or get into the wrong hands. So what you can do is look for a broker who is not compromising on security.

Genesis11 is a brokerage firm that does not disappoint its customers. Yes, it is a regulated firm, if you all are wondering, and for those who don’t know what regulated is, there are basically many financial institutions that are responsible for the regulations on these brokers to avoid any type of scams and frauds from happening. These regulatory authorities are usually affiliated with the government and are constantly keeping an eye on the brokerage firms and exchanges. So Genesis11 is a regulated broker, which means that it meets all the security protocols which are essential to ensure the safety of trader’s money and information.

As a regulated firm, Genesis11 has adopted some of the standard security policies like KYC (Know Your Customer). According to this policy, every trader who is signing up with Genesis11 has to give any sort of proof for his identity. For example, if you wish to register with Genesis11, then at the time of signing up, you will have to provide your identity card to prove that you are a legal citizen of a country. Other than proof of identity, there is another proof that a trader has to provide, and that is proof of the residence. Utility bills or credit card bills can prove your residence, and that is why traders are required to give both of these to the broker. These proofs are required by the broker to stop any type of scammer from registering with the broker, as most of the scammers are not able to provide legitimate proofs, and hence they can’t enter the platform.

Another policy that is adopted by Genesis11 is AML (Anti Money Laundering). This policy is a standard policy that is set by many financial authorities. That is the reason why Genesis11 has also adopted this policy to become regulated. Does the question arise why this policy is important? With the new technology and gadgets, the ways of doing illegal activities are also changed. This policy is responsible for stopping any type of money laundering from happening on this platform. Money laundering is an illegal act that can lead you to end up in jail as well. So it is really important for brokers to adopt AML, which will stop scammers and money launders from laundering the money.

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Options For Trading

There is a very important skill that all traders must learn about, and that is risk management. This also helps to secure your investment which is a really important thing, just like a trader finds making profits very important. The best way to achieve risk management and to reduce the level of risk in trading is to diversify your investment. This means you have to try and invest in as many assets as possible so that the risk is reduced and the profits can increase. That is also why traders always look for a broker that provides the options that would allow them to diversify.

You may question how one can diversify investments? Diversification in trading is done by dividing your investment capitals through more than one trading asset, and the ultimate goal here is minimizing risk and maximization of profit. As a trader, you should always look for a broker which allows you the liberty to diversify your investment. Otherwise, you will be restricted, and your profits will not increase as quickly. This is why it is important for a broker to provide lots of assets that you can invest in. At Genesis11, you will find exactly what you are looking for, such as the chance to diversify your investments. Genesis11 has a huge range of assets available to its customers, such as indices, precious metals, energy, ETFs, Cryptocurrency and Stocks. In total, you will find 2000 trading assets at Genesis11, which is a lot and other than you also get the chance to trade 500 cryptocurrencies. This way, you can use Genesis11 to really diversify your investments, which will be very beneficial for your trading career and this way, you can make a lot of profits. Now let’s discuss the options for trading assets in a little bit more detail.

  • Cryptocurrency

Genesis11 allows its users to trade many different cryptocurrencies, and this allows traders to have a wide variety of options to choose from if they wish to trade cryptocurrencies. Unlike other brokerage firms, which only provide one or two cryptocurrencies, Genesis11 is providing multiple options which cater preferences of multiple types of trader’s needs. Genesis11 is offering Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Bitcoin, DASH, and many more other popular options as well, which have a lot of potentials.

  • Indices

If a trader is willing to trade indices, then there is an option of trading indices on the Genesis11 platform as well. There are many indices from which a trader can choose to trade from. Options include S&P, FTSE, NASDAQ and many more as well.

  • Stocks 

Stocks have been in the trading world for a long time now. There is a separate fanbase of Stocks trading which includes many of the experienced traders. In the past, stock trades used to happen through physical means. But with the help of technological advancements, stock trading has become just as convenient as any other instrument of online trading. Genesis11 is catering for the needs of the traders who want to trade stocks as well. Genesis11 is offering different assets of stocks which include stocks of some of the top companies like Apple, Google, Netflix, Tesla, and many more as well.

Multiple Account Types

There are different types of traders when it comes to online trading. Some have just recently started online trading, some are doing it for a short period of time and have a little bit of experience, and then there come the traders who are experienced in online trading and want a platform that provides the latest technology and analytical tools to help them with the experience that they have so that they can earn some pretty huge profits. Every type of trader has different requirements. For example, for new traders, big accounts are not practical which have a lot of minimum deposit limit. For such traders, Genesis11 has designed a “Silver account”, which can be opened with a minimum deposit of 10,000+. This type of account includes an educational program that is going to help new traders to get used to the trading platform.

Then there is a second account type named “Gold account”, which is designed for intermediate traders. This account can be opened with a minimum deposit of 25,000+ and gives some extra perks to the slightly experienced traders like trading news, ten signals per month from the VIP desk and many more as well.

After this, Genesis11 has designed pro accounts named “Platinum account” and “Signature account”, which are designed for professional traders who have a lot of experience playing big games. These accounts start from a minimum deposit of 50,000+ and 250,000+ respectively, which is nearly impossible for new traders. As these accounts are designed for professional traders, there are some features that are only exclusive to these accounts as well, such as credit line for premium trading events, no withdrawal fees, etc. there are some features that are only exclusive to the Signature account like personal sessions with market analyst, private banking, leverage of 1:300, and much more.

Final Thoughts

There are many brokers that are working in the field of crypto trading, but if you are looking for a broker who is reliable and is good at delivering what it claims, then definitely Genesis11 is the option you want to go with. Choosing a broker is an essential step of crypto trading, so you must choose it very wisely.