Honest GigaFX Review: Doing Justice to the Trader

Honest GigaFX Review: Doing Justice to  the Trader

GigaFX Review

When searching for the right online broker, reviews can be a great help for you to identify the right option. Of course, you can’t take the demo of every single online broker because there are so many. Nonetheless, you don’t have so much time to spare just to check how good or bad some brokers are. If you have made up your mind to be a trader, you should not wait too long before you start your trading journey. Today’s GigaFX review will tell you everything that this broker is doing to give traders the best they can expect from the online brokers.

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Read the complete review to know whether the broker is doing justice to all of its traders.

GigaFX – Treating Every Trader Like a Special Guest

No Worries about Security

Whether you are an experienced trader or you have been active in this industry for several years, you can’t compromise on security. When you talk about security as a trader, you are referring to your information and money. GigaFX ensures that your money will be deposited in segregated accounts.

Furthermore, your information gets encrypted as soon as you provide it to the broker. Through these two important things, the broker proves its seriousness with the security of its traders. GigaFX also thwarts any effort of someone using its platform for illegal means through KYC and AML policies.

Big Leverages for Big Trades

CFD trading is all about leverages. However, you can’t rely on leverages entirely because of the risks involved. It is best that you take advantage of huge leverages only when you have become an advanced trader. In the beginning, you should be happy with moderate leverages. GigaFX offers you moderate leverages of 1:100 when you sign up with the first two basic accounts. If you want to have more leverage, you can go with the advanced accounts wherein you will get leverages of 1:200. You can see how the broker has given less leverage to the new traders. That’s because you are not so experienced with trading at the beginning level and huge leverages can end you up in huge losses too.

The Cannabis Stocks

You can’t expect every broker to offer you this option. Even the brokers that claim to be the biggest in the industry don’t have these options available. In addition to the most famous stocks, GigaFX also offers you some really lucrative stocks from the rising cannabis market. These cannabis stocks are a center of attraction for many traders from around the world because of the potential this market holds. Not to mention, you can still enjoy some huge leverages when trading these stocks. Just make sure that you do your exploration and research before you invest your money in one of the many cannabis stocks available with GigaFX.

The Cryptocurrency CFDs

If you don’t want to invest your money in forex currency pairs, conventional stocks, and commodities, you will surely love to join GigaFX. This broker gives you access to some markets that you don’t have access to most of the online brokers. Cryptocurrencies are still new in the market and not too many people are sure about what affects their price movements. Exchanges have not proven to be great places for investors because of the security mishaps that have taken place in the past. GigaFX lets you trade bitcoin CFDs when you join its platform. You can take advantage of some leverage when trading bitcoin CFDs too.

With no commissions involved and only spreads at work, you can know how much money you will make from your cryptocurrency trades. Not to mention the new option of transferring money in your online account with the broker. You can now transfer your bitcoins into your online account right from your crypto wallet without going through any exchanges.

The Mobile Trading Platform

Do you want your trading platform to travel with you? Of course, most of the new traders want their trading platform to move with them because they can’t keep sticking to the desktop computer and looking at the screen to trade. More and more people are moving from desktop computers to laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If you are one of them, you will love the trading platform from GigaFX. First, it is MT4 trading platform which is the king of all trading platforms in the world. Secondly, you will be able to use it on your tablets, smartphones, and even desktop computers without any compatibility issues. GigaFX also has the web version of MT4 platform which is available across most of the devices in the world. Now when you see the perfect moment to seize a profitable trade, you don’t have to wait to get home. You can enter the trade from anywhere and at any given moment.

Minimizing Risks and Losses

Not all the brokers are interested in your profits or losses. They are mostly interested in making money for themselves. How they do it is with the help of commissions. They ask you to pay them in the form of commissions on your trades. The commission they take from you is a percentage of the total volume of your trade. Eventually, it does not affect them whether you win or lose the trade in the end. On theo ther hand, you have some brokers putting restrictions on your use of hedging. Hedging is when you invest your money in two assets that you think are correlated. You believe that if one asset goes down, the other one will go up. There are no restrictions on hedging when you sign up with GigaFX. You can prevent huge losses and minimize your risks through this technique. GigaFX wants you to use this strategy even if you are new to trading because it cares about you.

Lots of Trading Education

There is a lot of training material that you will get access to when you sign up with GigaFX. The broker has brought you the training material in many different formats for your convenience. You can take a look at some of the ebook written on trading related topics to know their quality. These books explain the basic concepts of trading. If you want to get access to more ebooks, you will have to sign up with one of the account types. In addition to that, you have some video-based training material at your disposal. Videos are elaborative and can teach you even the most difficult concepts within minutes. If you want to take your training to another new level, you have the webinars available too. Hear from the most expert traders from the industry through these webinars. Ask them questions in real time and get clear answers that will remove any doubts and confusions that you might have in your mind about trading.

The Best Trading Tools

You will gain access to some trading tools as well. These trading tools are mostly free for you to use when you sign up with the broker. These are different types of tools that are designed to help traders with successful trades. You can get a market summary to know what the conditions in the financial markets are and enter trades accordingly. The best thing in these tools is the trading signals. Trading signals are a result of detailed analyses done on various assets in the market. After proper analysis, a result is produced that tells you whether to go long or short on a trade. Your trading results are not guaranteed even if you are using the best trading signals in the industry. However, they are a perfect tool to help you increase your chance of entering successful trades.

24/5 Customer Support

Yes, the company has its professionals available to help you with your concerns 24 hours a day for five days of the week. Whether you are having a problem with your trade or your account with the broker, these individuals are there to help you. You can talk to them by calling on the phone numbers listed on the website. You also have an email address available on the website that you can use to send any inquiries and questions to the broker. If you want to know about various compliance policies, you can find all of that information on the website.

Bottom Line

GigaFX is one of the brokerages you can clearly say has a lot of focus on its traders. Its features are trader friendly and give new traders an equal opportunity to make a lot of money on their trades. You enjoy some good security on your trades and even your funds are maintained in separate accounts. The trading conditions are great and leverages have been given intelligently to different types of traders. The trading platform is available for downloading for you to use it on your desktop computer or any mobile device. Cannabis stocks and cryptocurrency CFDs are additions made by the broker to bring new yet the most lucrative markets to its traders. When you sign up with GigaFX, you will be convinced that the broker does justice to every trader using its platform.

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  1. My experience with GigaFX:

    My account manager Mr. Valladares, is helping me and explaining about Cannabis Stocks and about everything that is happening in my trading account. I like the fact that there is an opportunity to try new stuff that turn out well and that the funds in my trading account increased and it give more me trust for the future of my account.

  2. I want to get into pot stocks trading with GigaFX, I spoke with them on the phone, with Mr. Valladares – he seems experienced and showed me some live trades that he made in his own account, thanks for your review Kenneth.

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