Global CTB Review – Is Global CTB A Recommended Trading Platform?

Global CTB Review – Is Global CTB A Recommended Trading Platform?

Global CTB Review

Global CTB logoIn this Global CTB review, I’m going to talk about how Global CTB is distinctive and better than other options that traders have. Unlike other brokerage companies out there available on the internet, Global CTB is registered with different financial regulators that mean there is no room for any type of scam or fraudulent activity. These regulatory bodies have certain requirements which have to be met by brokers in order to get approval to work, and these requirements make any type of illegal activities nearly impossible. The membership of Global CTB with different regulatory bodies means that it is fully capable and secured of making trades in the market. Not only this, but regulatory bodies act as third parties to resolve any type of issues or complaints raised by the traders during their experience. If you are looking for one of the most reliable and legitimate sources to trade cryptocurrencies, the Global CTB is one of the most secured platforms which allow you to trade different digital currencies with that ultimate peace of mind. The brokerage company not only provides traders with a platform to trade but also help inexperienced traders to make smart decisions if they face any type of hurdles during their trades. The traders who don’t have much experience of how trading cryptocurrency works, Global CTB is always there to help them with their experienced team and 24/6 customer support service, which makes Global CTB one of the best options you can go for.

Global CTB – is it worth it?

If you have just decided to invest in cryptocurrencies, then you should know that you are going to be a part of one of the fastest-growing businesses. Cryptocurrencies have now become a very vast field after the rise in prices of Bitcoin. There are now hundreds of options to deal with when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but only a few of them are actually worth it to invest your money in. The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is no doubt on the top list when it comes to cryptocurrencies with the most potential. The rise in the prices of Bitcoin was due to the interest of investors towards Bitcoin as they knew it has a lot of potential in it even to change the world dynamics. Investors have invested a very large amount of money in Bitcoin. This has resulted in the introduction of many other top-traded cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, for example, Ethereum, Ripple and many others. These currencies have attracted many investors, and not only that but also provided them with a significant amount of profits.

So if you have decided to be a part of this, the first question that arises in your mind after deciding is where to start from. As a beginner, there are many hurdles that you may face during your journey. But these hurdles are only there to help you become aware of how trading works. For a new beginner, the first thing to do after making up your mind is finding a good broker. Now, this is one of the most difficult tasks because here, you may encounter many scams and fraudsters, which can lead you to suffer losses. But to help new traders with choosing a broker for their needs, I have found out one of the best brokers, which is not only legitimate but also extremely beneficial and helpful. Global CTB is the brokerage firm that not only allows traders to experience exclusive services and facilities but also helps new traders who have just joined the business to get aware of how it works. They have different types of accounts, which we will discuss ahead. These accounts are based on the experience that a trader possesses before joining the firm.

Global CTB website

Types of accounts offered by Global CTB

Global CTB is one of the most reliable and secured platforms, which is providing its customers with some remarkable services and facilities to make their experience better. For that matter, Global CTB is providing its customers with different types of accounts according to the preferences of different traders. The firm keeps in mind that every trader has different preferences while making an account, and in order to facilitate every trader, Global CTB provides different types of accounts based on the investment and profit limits. These accounts are described below so that you can have an idea of how Global CTB works:

  • Basic ($250)

The first account, which is known as the “Basic Account”, can be opened with a minimum investment of $250. This account is made for the traders who are not willing to invest a big amount of money and are just stepping into the world of crypto trading. For that purpose, Global CTB is providing its basic account. The account not only provides new traders with a platform to start from but also acts as a gesture of confidence gaining for the ones who want to check the legitimacy of this broker. If you have any doubts about the broker, you can start with a very minimum amount and check out yourself. Besides such a low limit of deposit, the Basic account doesn’t lack any type of premium services that are being offered in other accounts. Some of the key features of accounts provided by Global CTB are educational assistance, daily market trends, price alerts, and webinars to guide inexperienced traders, and on top of that 30% bonus is also gifted to you when you join the account.

  • Beginner ($10,000)

After you have started with the Basic account and have gained some experience and exposure to how trading works, Global CTB takes you a step further with its account types. A beginner account is an account that is made for the traders who want to step up their game of trading. It starts from a minimum of $10,000 of deposit. If you have tried the basic account, it is more likely that you will be now aware of how trading works, but in order to earn bigger profits, it requires much more than just basic training; for that matter, a beginner account provides you with the assistance of junior account manager which will guide you with different trading strategies and skills required to make higher profits. Other than the assistance, traders are also going to get a 40% bonus along with all the services provided in the basic account.

  • Medium ($25,000)

After you have earned some basic profits, Global CTB provides you with its medium account, starting from a minimum of $25,000. In this account, you are going to get assistance from a senior account manager accommodated by RoyalCBank. The experience of a senior account manager is going to help you to make decisions that are going to help you trade efficiently. This account also gives you a bonus of 60% when you open the account, along with all the assistance you need during trades.

  • Advanced ($50,000)

Once you have got enough experience to trade a larger amount of money, Global CTB then provides you with an account option known as “Advanced account”, which allows traders to create an account with a minimum deposit of $50,000. In this account, Global CTB provides traders with two remarkable features. The first one is the assistance from the VIP account manager, and along with that, you are going to get a 70% off welcome bonus

  • Pro ($100,000)

The word pro is essentially used for professionals who are looking for an opportunity to invest a really big amount of money. For the traders who are looking to invest larger amounts of money, Global CTB is providing them with its “Pro account”. With this account, the profits of the trades reach their peak, and you are required to deposit a minimum of $100,000 in order to open the account. Along with that, the traders are going to get a bonus as well, which is as high as 80%.

  • VIP (For exclusive customer)

This is the type of account that is made for VIP customers. These include highly experienced traders who have been working in this field of trading for a long time. Global CTB uses the word “exclusive clients” for such traders, and opening a VIP account is not in the hands of everyone. Surely then, the real meaning of exclusive clients will be affected. That is why the traders have to contact their account manager for further details and open a VIP account. This type of account has some added features along with the ones that normal accounts offer.

Global CTB account types

Distinctive features of Global CTB

If you search for brokers, you may find thousands of them listed on the internet. Some of them are scams, and others are going to disappoint you with their bogus services. In order to find the best broker for you, it is important to look up the key features and services that the broker is offering and whether or not if they are actually being delivered. For that matter, here are some of the key features of Global CTB which are going to make it distinctive from other brokers.

Counselling by experienced account managers

Global CTB has hired a lot of experienced and professional account managers, which have a high level of client negotiation skills and unbeatable trading strategies. These skills are there to facilitate a trader in the best way possible. These managers help traders with extremely smart and sensible trading strategies and tell them where to properly invest their capital. The account levels that a trader chooses to decide what type of account manager trader is going to get. For example, a basic account holder is going to get help from a junior account manager, whereas a pro account holder is going to take advantage of the most experienced account manager. These account managers are going to guide you throughout the process and help you to come up with the best trading strategies and earn big profits.

Multiple cryptocurrencies to choose from

If you have heard of cryptocurrencies from anyone, then you have probably heard of the asset known as Bitcoin. It is the cryptocurrency that has made many investors billionaires after its inception. It is also known as one of the most potent assets in the world when it comes to the online trading of cryptocurrency. Global CTB is not only offering its services to trade Bitcoin but also other highly capable assets like Ethereum (which is known as the second-largest digital token in the world by market value) and others as well. This variety of cryptocurrency options allows traders to choose from different assets and invest their money in particular assets, which can earn them some profits. Unlike other brokers, which restrict traders to trade only one or two assets that usually involve only the leading digital currency BTC (Bitcoin), Global CTB has expertise in many assets, which makes them a distinction from others.

Global CTB education portal

The firm has taken the point into consideration that many of the investors who are inexperienced are joining the world of online trading. Due to less exposure to trading, these traders face many hurdles on the way. In order to counter this situation, Global CTB has initiated an educational program on its website, which is going to help traders to get aware of trading strategies and how they work. The program consists of many videos, ebooks, news, chart analysis, etc., which is going to help in educating people about cryptocurrency. The section offers the latest news from what’s happening in the world of crypto trading and how you can make your strategies better. So, this is one of the glorious services that you can have on the Global CTB brokerage company’s platform, which is already enriched with a lot of other beneficial things.

Security is a major concern for traders and investors

As a trader, before choosing a broker, you need to take notice of whether or not the platform is secured. This includes your personal and financial information, which you provide at the time of registering yourself as well as the money that you keep in your account. There are many brokers available on the internet that claim a lot of services but don’t provide satisfactory security policies. As Global CTB is regulated by multiple regulatory authorities, that means it meets all the security protocols that need to be followed by a broker in order to ensure the security of trader’s data. More on that, Global CTB also consists of the latest encryption technology, which will safeguard your data from scams and frauds and give you that ultimate peace of mind while trading.

Deposits and withdrawal procedures

One of the major parts of trading online is transactions that every trader is going to experience while trading. It is also a key point that proves the legitimacy of the broker, which means if you are able to withdraw your profit, you are dealing with a legit platform. From depositing your capital to withdrawing your earned profits is all that you have to do in this business. Global CTB provides traders with multiple payment options to choose from according to their personal preference. The options include wire transfer, Visa/MasterCard and cryptocurrencies as well. As wire transfers take up a lot of time, this firm has included other methods to save the time of traders and facilitate them.

Responsive customer support services

Many of the people who shared their experiences with different brokers complained about the customer support services of that broker. It is one of the most criticized points of brokerage companies. But with Global CTB, things have changed. It provides you with round the clock customer support service, which is going to help you in case of any errors in transactions or queries. Customer satisfaction is no doubt, given the highest priority by Global CTB, and that is why many investors have chosen Global CTB as their broker.


It is very obvious that Global CTB must have been providing some really good services as it is one of the good brokerages on the list of brokers. However, the services are a subjective part, and every trader has their own preferences when choosing a broker. But if we talk about the quality of services, then no doubt Global CTB is a choice that is worth it. It not only claims some really significant and distinctive features, as we have discussed above but also provides them with excellence. Besides many features that have been mentioned above, there are many reviews listed on the internet stating Global CTB as one of the best broker options available for traders. The firm has allowed many new investors to get used to how trading works and help them earn some really good profits. And with all these remarkable services, there comes another added point of security which is not very common among other brokers. Global CTB has provided traders with one of the most secured and highly encrypted platforms to give them the ultimate peace of mind that they need while they are trading in the financial market.