How Will Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Share their Bitcoin As Divorce Looms?

How Will Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Share their Bitcoin As Divorce Looms?

The growth of Bitcoin in the past few months has continued to poise the digital assets as the leading cryptocurrency in the Blockchain. Kim Kardashian is popularly known worldwide as a socialite and businesswoman with many investments in fashion, music, and several television projects, and the American model has equally been successful in all her ventures. On the other hand. Kanye West, her husband, is equally a successful rapper, music producer, entertainment manager, and proud owner of the Yeezy clothing line. The news of their divorce is trending on Social media, as many analysts are concerned about how Kim’s Bitcoin will be shared should the couple proceed with their divorce.

Kim Kardashian was gifted Bitcoin in 2018

The latest news trending on social media is that of the famous celebrity couple, whose wedding was met with several applause as they set to put an end to it. In the public report by TMZ, Kim had submitted divorce papers to the Marriage Court in Los Angeles in January, highlighting that she wants to end the six-year marriage that had produced four beautiful children.

The American community had all expressed shock at the news, as many have likened the celebrity couple to Jay-Z and Beyonce, another American power couple. However, the question on many crypto analysts’ lips is who gets to keep the one Bitcoin Kim Kardashian was gifted in 2018 by Mathew Rozak. The value of Bitcoin when Rozak, Chairman of Bloq and Tally Capital, gave it to the American celebrity was barely $8,000, compared to the $50,000 it currently trades at today’s prices.

According to the marriage court, the Bitcoin gift is classified as community property and ought to be shared by both couples. Regardless of the tiny worth of the cryptocurrency, analysts expect that the assets be shared between the couples, excluding their children, according to the classification of the assets under the law.

Could there be more Bitcoin involved?

While the question of how the Bitcoin custody will be shared is almost answered, experienced legal marriage experts believe that the classification of the assets means that it will be sold and the proceeds shared between both couples. Contrary to these opinions also is that selling the assets might diminish its values, as some other legal experts believe that they could share the Bitcoin amongst each other instead of selling it.

Another angle the case could be heading towards is that either couple could have bought more Bitcoins, even after the publicly gifted digital assets to Kim Kardashian. Kanye West has been a firm admirer of Bitcoin, and it is not impossible that the Rapper does not have more. Alternatively, Kim Kardashian could have been tempted to buy more Bitcoins after she received the gift from Mathew Rozak. Either way, the law will prevail, and the couples will be expected to share the Bitcoins acquired after their marriage, as divorce now seems imminent.