HUMAN Protocol Partners With Solana Blockchain To Enhance Speed and Scalability

HUMAN Protocol Partners With Solana Blockchain To Enhance Speed and Scalability

HUMAN Protocol, a hybrid system, has decided to work together with Solana Blockchain to enhance decentralized work pools’ scalability and security. The HUMAN protocol is effective in machine learning operations because it provides a platform for human beings to assist with their skills, wisdom, and knowledge.

Therefore, human beings are expected to voice and label tasks, identify sounds, videos and photos to boost machines’ intelligence. Human Protocol has decided to partner with Solana blockchain to enhance speed, improve scalability, and build a decentralized labor pool to achieve its goals.

Demand for HUMAN Protocol is growing at a fast rate

The constraint in scalability and increasing demand for human protocol forced the company to seek Solana’s partnership, settle the accumulating amount of transactions on-chain, efficiently pay laborers, and ensure instant payment. The company announced this partnership on their Twitter handle.

Recently, there has been an ever-increasing demand for HUMAN Protocol to the extent that it is becoming the preferred choice in the CAPTCHA offers.

This market was once dominated by reCAPTCHA from Google. Meanwhile, CAPTCHA, developed using HUMAN protocol technology, now has more than 16 percent market share.

It also shares a large amount of data to an open platform to allow for further machine learning. This enables the democratization of access to data needed for machine learning, thereby weakening Google’s market domination.

Solana and HUMAN Protocol’s integration has added to the growing record of programs tapping into Solana’s blockchain for speed optimization and utilization of scalability advantages it provides. Some of the earlier projects that have earlier partnered with Solana are USDC and Velas.

Protocol ready to resume work with Solana

The Solana crew has commenced work on the deployment of decentralized labor pools on an active platform. The HUMAN protocol developers strive to ensure that they ease the onboarding procedure for users and developers working on the project.

According to an official statement released by the company, HUMAN Protocol hopes that working with Solana will allow for the decentralized pools’ scalability and ensure more efficient and effective operations in the HUMAN platform.

In his remark, the Solana COO noted that the partnership could be termed the creation of “a global brain” evolved from billions of interactive forces in a decentralized platform. He added that Solana was founded for such a mission, purpose, and implementation.

In clear terms, scalability refers to an operation’s ability or a system to deal with a large and increasing number of jobs by putting in more resources to the operation. Scalability is a feature of a computer, network, algorithm, or program. For instance, a search engine must be able to handle the ever-growing number of users.

Solana is a founder of a software company that assists organizations that provide human services that give the beneficiaries intellectual deformities. Solana offers clients intelligent operations.