Israel Figa: Led the way to a largest trading company with creative and interesting ideas

Israel Figa: Led the way to a largest trading company with creative and interesting ideas

Good opportunities, hard work, appreciation of work and success are what aimed and desired by passionate business entrepreneurs and professionals. Climbing the steps of success and achieving a top position which let you look over the hardships you faced at every step makes you feel proud of your hard work and right decisions.


The same is compared with Israel Figa who, after attaining a Master’s Degree in Economics began his career as economists with one of the premier financial and banking services companies in Europe. After holding various positions from the year 2000 to 2004 in global banks, the best period was as an assistant general manager of the year 2003 to 2004 interestingly.

Later, the stint from 2004 to 2012 observed his concentration and interest shifting, which led to lay the foundation of a consultancy company that took care the needs of major oil companies and corporations within Hungary and worldwide.

In this period where multiple oil corporations followed his advice observed considerable achievement that enabled to reduce the rate of emissions and air pollutions with the use of friendly and environmentally productions tricks and green technologies.

After achieving the position of a company manager, it was identified by Israel Figa that to be successful, the company requires a re-evaluation of every financial alternatives. Based on it, a campaign that aimed at turning round the fate of the company’s underperforming natural gas business along with streamlining the operational procedures was launched finally. Every role right from a simple to major was played that led the firms achieve success.

Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith lives in Adelaide, Australia and is full time trader. Kenneth offers you his many trading tips in his articles. All the information presented in his posts are based on extensive experience gleaned from years of working with many trading platforms.