Italians To Enjoy Free Payments Facilitation Via Skrill Money Transfer During Lockdown

Italians To Enjoy Free Payments Facilitation Via Skrill Money Transfer During Lockdown

Online payments facilitation platform, Skrill, announced that it would not charge its customers in Italy for making transactions as the country prepares to go into another lockdown.

Skrill has brought something to cheer about for their clients in Italy, with the new lockdown set to commence anytime soon until December 3. With the latest development, clients of the payments company who wishes to send money inside and outside Italy will be allowed to do it at no cost.

Furthermore, the payments platform said this new development would last till when the lockdown period elapses. Also, Skrill has said businesses in the country would be allowed to use the wallet and quick check solution services for two months free of charge.

Skrill CEO says individuals will be allowed to make payments for free

Businesses around the region use the skrill services to make single transactions such as card transactions, wallets, cash payments, and some other transactions. According to Skrill, this decision was reached to help businesses who transitioned from physical payments to online payments during the enforced lockdown.

Another mouth-watering deal that comes with using the Skrill payment platform is the business’s availability to a wide variety of Skrill users across the globe.

The latest move to support businesses around Italy was announced today by the CEO of the payment company, Lorenzo Pellegrino, also an Italian. Notably, the company also removed its transaction fees when the first lockdown was in place.

The CEO said the company took the measure to help Italians get ready for the new lockdown. He also noted that Skrill felt that they needed to give businesses around the region something to cheer for as everyone was seemingly exhausted of how the year has been.

Skrill promises to help businesses facilitate payments for free

Furthermore, Skrill has said that this new decision was taken to ease the pressure off small companies that wish to make transactions during the lockdown. It said it wants to ensure that the money sent is getting to the rightful owners in due time.

Founded in 2001, Skrill allows its customers to send money to anywhere in the world. Notably, the payments platform has a base of operations in about 40 countries across the globe.

Another useful aspect of the skrill service is that the recipient does not need to be on the platform to receive money as it can be sent to bank accounts. A report on the research carried out by the payments platform during the first lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic showed that people were continually dumping cash payments and making digital payments.

In the report, 17% of the respondents said they started paying for goods with digital assets during the first lockdown. In comparison, around 47% said they preferred shopping online due to the wide variety of online stores’ interests. After the first lockdown, 43% of the respondents said they stopped using cash for payments because of health concerns, while 31% said they wanted a fast, seamless, and convenient way to pay for services.