Mcdonald’s France Wants To Gift Customers With NFTs

Mcdonald’s France Wants To Gift Customers With NFTs

As more traders in the crypto sector continue to dabble into digital relics, also known as non Fungible tokens or NFTs, more entities are determined to give them content worth their money. With Beeples mouth-watering price still the biggest cash earned on NFT to date, entities are looking to list relics that would displace the record sale from the charts.

To achieve that, McDonald’s France has announced that it will launch its own NFT. The firm announced that it was going to launch its own in the form of a digital art. Going further as to how the art would look, the entity pointed out that it aims to make the arts look like the various dishes on its menu.

Mcdonald’s intends to tokenize four different meals

In their announcement culled off their Instagram page, the famous fast-food company said that it has already debuted two NFTs. The two NFTs are comprised of their famous box that is filled with Chicken known as McNuggets, while the other NFT is the famous Big Mac.

They were also accompanying the announcement was the hashtag, which showed that the company was already moving to make itself known in the sector. After that came the second announcement but this time, it was made on their officially verified Twitter page some days ago. The giant food maker said it has also debuted an NFT for its Sundae and its Fries.

The firm noted that the videos will be turned into a token and would be listed on OpenSea, a popular marketplace where NFTs are listed and sold. To cap it up, the firm positioned that it would make each dish into five different tokens and put all 20 tokens on sale on OpenSea.

Winners would also get the prize in a physical frame

But even though the company knows that all the NFTs could bring them money just like other firms have done, the food-making company is not interested in making money with it. Instead of asking for cash for the NFTs, the France arm of the company has said that its users would slug it out in a competition to win the NFTs.

In the first round of the competition, the company has pointed out that the first two NFTs would be put on sale, with the competition billed to start by April 9 and end by April 13. The second round of the competition is also billed to start almost immediately on April 14 and is expected to run through April 18, where the users would slug it out to win the last two NFTs.

In their final statement, McDonald’s has pointed out that after the winners win the NFTs, they are no longer responsible for what the winners would do with them. They can choose to sell them or keep them, but once they have gifted them to the winners, that is the end of the competition. Finally, the winners are also expected to be given a real-life copy of the NFTs.