New Hampshire Radio Host Slammed With Charges Over Bitcoin Operations

New Hampshire Radio Host Slammed With Charges Over Bitcoin Operations

Despite the illicit acts of malicious actors in the crypto space, regulators across the world have been able to keep them in check. We have seen arrests of entities and individuals suspected of carrying out crimes at one time or the other. In a report obtained from the United States FBI and IRS, they have arrested some individual who was said to be members of a group.

Going by the reports, the authorities claimed that they seized one Bitcoin ATM from the individuals suspected to be running an unlicensed business. The New Hampshire Attorney released a statement noting that no less than six people have been arrested and convicted for the crime.

Ian Freeman was taken into custody by the FBI

The statement further went on to say that two out of the apprehended suspects are still in the custody of the Hampshire police for a trial involving a bond issue. However, this story has shown that things could get a lot ugly for the financial system instead of the crypto sector. The culprits were said to have plotted and convinced some financial entities that the accounts belong to a charity organization.

In the real sense, the accounts were used to carry out their illicit crypto exchange business. One of the crime’s culprits is radio host Ian Freeman, the anchor of the Free Talk Live Radio show. Giving a review of the whole event, a co-host, and friend to Freeman, Mark Edge, says he believes that all the charges against his colleague will be dropped because they do not hold water. Edge was not part of the plot and was not taken into custody.

Mark Edge believes that the accused is innocent

Even at that, Mark Edge said that the business of Freeman and the others had a lot to do with Bitcoin and digital assets. In his statement, Edge pointed out that Bitcoin was a gift handed to humanity by God while the cash made by the government is filled with so many lies. He said that the program was a way for them to preach the gospel of the church and bring people to Christ.

Edge also pointed out that much to his ability, Freeman has already mandated the people who use the platform go through stringent KYC measures. He also said that the government is trying to streamline anyone as they want to have people on their leash and doing what they permit. This movement was said to have started as far back as 2003, with the people living around New Hampshire forming their community.

However, Freeman has been removed from the community owing to specific behaviors that enjoyed tolerable that he exhibited some years back. A week after he was expelled, police raided his show on the grounds of child pornography, though they failed to make any charges stick. Freeman soon went on to going another group, Shire Movement. This group was focused mainly on liberty, freedom, and peace.