New York state launches a blockchain-based COVID-19 Passport

New York state launches a blockchain-based COVID-19 Passport

Many governments all over the world have been thinking about the idea of a COVID-19 passport too. A COVID-19 passport is simply proof that someone has been tested negative for COVID-19 or has been vaccinated. The passport is proof of your vaccination or of you testing negative for the virus. Many downsides to the idea of the COVID Passport have been brought up. For example, some have cited a possibility of privacy risks, and also the concern of carrying paperwork everywhere has also been raised.

The new tool is very secure

Governor Cuomo explained how this COVID passport is the solution needed. He said that Excelsior Pass is built on IBM’s health pass digital platform. The IBM platform was also built on blockchain. For many of the concerns raised earlier about the risks of a COVID-19 passport, since Excelsior Pass is built on a blockchain platform like that of IBM’s health pass platform, there are no databases of former records. Due to the blockchain-based foundation, it is built upon, IBM does not keep any database of health records.

New York’s governor assures that, if it is the security of your personal information that you are concerned about, you should put that worry to rest. Excelsior is built on highly secure technologies like blockchain and encryption. This means that these systems are woven throughout the system to protect your data and make it trustable and verifiable. None of your private health data is stored or tracked in Excelsior Pass. Cuomo said all these in an official statement.

The tool is in partnership with IBM

The General Manager of IBM Public and Federal Market, Steve LaFleche, said in a blogpost earlier in March that the new Excelsior Pass will allow New Yorkers to share their health status voluntarily. He said that all participants could decide or choose which particular information they wish to share, with which particular person they wish to share, and for what purpose. Up to ¼ of the residents of New York are already vaccinated. And the recent launch of the COVID digital health pass in collaboration with IBM is a hugely welcome development.