No More IFC Markets Scam to Rip Off the Innocent

No More IFC Markets Scam to Rip Off the Innocent

IFC Markets Scam

How to Get Your Money Back From These Scammers?

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Online trading – an ease of doing business

With the increase in doing trading business through online, this has also helped many scammers to make their living at the expense of innocent consumers who fell victim to their schemes based on ulterior motives. They feel no remorse for the people to whom they rip of their valuable funds which they may be saving for years in a hope to invest these funds in some profit making venture. Even the most trustworthy and reliable source of ensuring the safe-keeping of your money i.e. the financial institutions (the banks) are not protected against the ill-motivated intentions of these heinous offenders. There are thousands of reports being recorded on a daily basis where the customers of the banks have become victims of frauds and most unfortunately the perpetrators get away with the fraud without being captured or tried by law.

Online trading can by risky

Similar is the case with the online trading where in 2018 about 1.7 billion dollars were reported to be stolen from the people due to frauds. India is known to be a safe haven as well as a breeding ground for such scammers who are day and night busy in formulating schemes, the aim and object of which is to commit fraud on people. There are thousands of websites operating freely on the internet which are involved in the illegal activities of defrauding the public. One such scam website is known as IFC Markets which is notoriously famous for luring people into signing up for doing trading in CFDs.

True picture of IFC Markets

The initial name of IFC Market i.e. “IFC” is in an abbreviation of a very popular and renowned name of a company called International Finance Corporation (IFC) which is part of World Bank Group and an organization that offers investment, advisory as well as asset management services to its customers all over the world with the object of encouraging private sector investment in under-developed countries. However, IFC Market has nothing at all to do with International Finance Corporation. The name has been handpicked for portraying itself as a subsidiary or part of International Finance Corporation so that the people are deceived and in turn they win their trust.

Too Good to be True tactics

IFC Markets Scam are using “too good to be true” tactics for luring people into to take part in fake investment opportunities with the aim of extorting money from you. There is no doubt that trading in CFD can ensure making of profits but nothing comes easy. However, while the schemes of investment are evolving, you may find scammers hiding in a corner and waiting for the right moment to steal your money and this is exactly what IFC Markets Scam have been doing so. You need to dug deep in order to find out whether they are legitimate or scammers. They pose themselves to be an online retail brokers who are involved in the trading of commodities, forex and CFDs by offering the general public to use their platform for doing the trading which is only a myth and nothing but a lie. So beware of IFC Markets Scam at all costs otherwise you will be among those who have been left penniless because they were not able to differentiate between an authentic online retail brokers and the ones who are involved in scamming the public at large.

Fishiness of Account Opening

Another way to find out about IFC Markets Scam is to browse through their website and visit their Trading Accounts tab where you will find out description of various accounts offered by IFC Markets Scam which can be opened up by people with initial deposits ranging from US$ 1 to US$ 1,000 for NetTradeX, MetaTrade4 and MetaTrade5 and US$ 5,000 as maximum equity for these three accounts type respectively. At a glance a clever and wise person would know that it is one of a trick to extort money from the investor and once you have opened an account you will then realize that you have made a mistake. But it is too late then because all your initial deposit as well as the equity you poured in for the purposes of exploring profit making opportunities are now at stake with IFC Markets Scam.

Separating Truth from Fiction

If you want to take part in online trading business, then the hardest task you will ever face will be finding a legitimate and authentic online retail broker. In real fact there are hundreds and thousands of such authentic retail brokers but you should also know the fact that 95% of the online retail brokers are scammers. This makes the whole exercise cumbersome and if you would like to find about the truth regarding IFC Markets Scam you will be surprised to see that there are various positive reviews about them. You may be thinking why this? The answer to the question is that all these reviews are paid reviews which have been prepared only to commit fraud on innocent people. It is therefore recommended for the investors and traders to unearth the truth from fiction as a first step by doing an extensive research about the proposed broker.

Final Thoughts

For the sake of your funds and investment you should be very careful and not get yourself traded with IFC Markets Scam because one bad decision can make your entire life miserable. Do a lot of research, read articles and reviews about the broker of your choice, keep in touch with your family and friends who could be of great help in providing you more relevant knowledge and information that you seek. There are also various websites established to find out whether a broker is an authentic or not. One such famous website is from where you can learn about the authenticity of a particular broker and in case you have been victimized by IFC Markets Scam then they can help you in getting back your money.

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