OKEx’s Block Dream Fund Collaborates With Cook Protocol to Generate Funds

OKEx’s Block Dream Fund Collaborates With Cook Protocol to Generate Funds

Cook Protocol is an asset management platform in the DeFi ecosystem known for its transparency and, of course, its decentralized nature. Cook, however, today announced a partnership with Block Dream Fund, a fresh investment platform owned and supported by OKEx, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, and has released the details of the partnership to the general public.

Cook Protocol Enjoyed from the $100 million released to Block Dream Fund

Block Dream Fund started operations earlier last month and was sponsored by a well-known and top-notch exchange in the crypto world, OKEx, which has received initial funding of $100 million. The essence of this funding is to speed up the projects of Block Dream Fund that are in their early stages, most especially those in line with the DOT (Polkadot) cross-chain exploration.

With this endowment, the platform will be able to compete on a global scale in the world of asset management.

Cook’s profitable collaboration and integration with Block Dream Fund was, however, admitted by the CEO of Cook Protocol, Adrian Peng, and he said it is more than a financial relationship only.

He said that the reception of the funding from Block Dream Fund owned by OKEx is a pleasure to him and every member of his firm. And beyond any reason of doubt, the funding will be a great stepping stone for Cook Protocol. Much more than the funding, however, Block Dream Fund will help Cook Protocol to get more profitable connections and also help in the development of their business.

A Milestone well achieved by Cook Protocol

The founding partner of Block Dream Fund, Dora, has noted that the new partnership has given an amazing perception of what Cook Protocol is brewing and the disruptive potentials in the firm.

In her statement, she said that as an organization, we are much happy to collaborate with Cook Protocol. The members of their team are known for a very sound background and are highly professional in the world of DeFi and Blockchain. For us, all we can do is look forward to ensuring that the project is perfected to create more value in the blockchain ecosystem.