Orchid Labs Opts for xDai to Evade VPN Cost

Orchid Labs Opts for xDai to Evade VPN Cost

Orchid Labs has adopted a multi-chain option to stave off the high cost of decentralized VPN operations. It is no more news that Ethereum gas fees have skyrocketed. This development has prompted Orchid Labs to adopt the xDai blockchain to reduce its VPN costs.

Orchid Protocol, a decentralized virtual private network, allows people to purchase band from a service provider’s combination, thereby preventing the network from being detected by poking eyes. Orchid has included xDai and other blockchains compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine to enable users to use xDai to buy bandwidth and not ETH, to avert the high gas fees.

Orchid VPN costs only $1

According to Steven Waterhouse of Orchid, using Orchid’s VPN will now cost only $1 if Ethereum gas’s cost is reduced. Orchid Labs began its VPN operation in July last year. Now, Orchid VPN can be used on Android, macOS, and iOS while available on Windows OS before the end of the year.

VPN credits are available to buy at $1, $5, or $20 by pay per use, which can be bought via the Orchid app. According to Waterhouse, all the price points are virtually the same. Averagely, a GB costs between 6 cents and a dollar, so you receive approximately $16.6 GB of data. Orchid’s cryptocurrency, OXT, to transact via the Orchid network.

The OXY refers to a single ERC-20 token, which clients and providers stake. Typically, customers buy bandwidth to use together with the Orchid VPN, while node providers get OXT as a reward for offering bandwidth to the network. Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Gemini, among other platforms, are some of the exchanges presently listing OXT.

Orchid has a unique payment system

Orchid introduced a payment system that is quite different from the remaining VPN services whose users pay subscription fees every month. Such systems charge clients either they use the service or not, thereby making exorbitant revenues from subscribers. On the other hand, VPN services are made to entice users to long-term contracts before they are accustomed to the service.

According to Orchid Labs, “the so-called free VPNs are worse because a free product will likely derive its reward from its users in ways that are unknown to such users. For example, most free VPNs extract users’ traffic and offer them for sale to other people. But a regular VPN subscription attracts the same fee irrespective of the frequency of use. This charging system will allow its customers to subsidize the subscribers who enjoy the VPN all the time.

On the contrary, Orchid payments reflect every user’s individual needs and expectations regarding both frequency and intensity. Orchid offers users the best form of user privacy, fast speed, and flexible usage. Orchid provides unique payment systems and allows users to configure various “hops” among VPN producers. This feature guarantees that your privacy is never compromised, even if any providers have their systems attacked.