Possibility of a Non-Fungible Token with “Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac Ended by Steve Nicks

Possibility of a Non-Fungible Token with “Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac Ended by Steve Nicks

The representative of Apodaca has announced that the renowned cranberry juice drinker and skateboarder had the desire to make a non-fungible token out of his video that went viral. But the rights of the audio he used in the clip belong to Warner Music Group. Permission will need to be sought from the singer in Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, but it was not granted.

The rep from Apodaca revealed that the 50/50 profit split offer was refused by Nicks despite the price of the opening bid set at $500,000. But yet, in the stead of the song, they will process with the auction with the original audio.

The implication is that the winner of the auction will be getting it as the raw video. CryptoCake is a partner of Apodaca in matters of NFT events.

Attention on the Music

Though Stevie Nicks is not interested in NFT technology, many other artists and musicians are thronging the technology. In 2021, musicians particularly have turned their attention to the NFTs as a way of reaching out to their fans and yet getting a diversified income in those times when there is an unlikelihood of concert tours.

Our Lady of Peace announces the release of their first non-fungible token Album on 5th March, and this effort is rewarded with a whopping of $2 million. Queen George, a pop artist, also is planning to hold concerts that are strictly for NFT holders. The event ticket will be available as NFTs exclusively. Of course, an NFT event ticket cannot be dubbed or be faked as it is a unique being in an electronic form.

Understanding NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens are collectibles derived from the blockchain network that are unique cryptographically. The creation is done in the ERC-721 standard, which means that there are verifiable and common ways to confirm the authenticity of the tokens.

Music and digital artwork is the direction common to the NFTs, but anything can be digitalized under this [ERC-721] standard.

Creatives who are looking to keep their fans engaged or ensured one-of-a-kind and certifiable creations have NFTs as a choice of solution.