Revolut Rolls Out the Service Of Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawals

Revolut Rolls Out the Service Of Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawals

Revolut, a finance application based in London, will be offering users the service of Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal. The Crypto market is thrilled with this news as Revolut Fintech is going to offer not just Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals, but in the coming time, the firm will also be offering withdrawal of many other crypto tokens as well.

Revolut is a well-known growing technology firm for its financial services and mobile applications. The unique thing about this application is that it doesn’t have any hidden charges or fees, and it allows the customers to buy and sell gold and cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that currently, more than 15 million people are utilizing this app to meet their financial requirements.

Revolut removed the announcement related to the latest update immediately after posting due to some concerns, but Altfi got the chance to capture the evidence, which later on was confirmed and justified.

Fumbled Announcement Spread Out in the Market

In an email to Forbes, the spokesperson of the Revolut confirmed the news regarding the launch of Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal. He said that they are planning to announce publicly by the coming week, but today that went out in the market earlier than the scheduled date.

Moreover, he shared that by the next week, Revolut’s app will be fully operational for people for withdrawal. Initially, the withdrawal service will be valid for Bitcoin only, and in the coming weeks, more than 22 different cryptocurrencies would be available on the app for buying and selling with any hidden charges. It is the most captivating thing about the firm that it is offering a mobile app for Bitcoin withdrawal while this feature is still unavailable on Robinhood and PayPal.

Revolut has got a good reputation in the financial world as more than 15 million customers and approximately 500,000 business customers are connected to this platform across 35 different countries for more than 30 in-app currencies. According to its official website, it was made clear that the company processes over 100 million monthly transactions.

Competitor’s status as compared to Revolut

Although PayPal has stepped into the crypto recently for purchasing and selling Bitcoin (BTC) and also launched a mobile app named Venmo for the same purpose, they are still not offering withdrawal of cryptocurrencies directly from the application. The recent step taken by Revolut is going to ease the payment and withdrawal solutions to that extent, up to which other platforms haven’t even started to plan.

Revolut has maintained its legacy by implementing its claims as it calls itself the one application for all financial matters.