Ross Ulbricht’s Name Not Among Trump’s Clemency List

Ross Ulbricht’s Name Not Among Trump’s Clemency List

US President, Donald Trump, faces some public pressure in his last few days as the president. Many people have gone on social media and have put up things the outspoken president should do before he finally hands over the baton to President-Elect Joe Biden.

The US executive’s last few days have been controversial, as series of rumors follow, accusing the president of rushing to pass into law some bills without adequate consultation. While some have praised his final decisions, some crypto space members are disappointed in his clemency list. The list has 15 names to whom the entrepreneur wanted to grant pardons. Unfortunately, in his list, none of the names was Ross Ulbricht.

Why Ulbricht might not receive Trump’s pardon

Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road platform’s creator, gave anonymity and transacted with cryptocurrency as a means of exchange. His arrest in 2013 broke many hearts in the crypto space. Some people described him as an early driving force for Bitcoin since his platform operated in the currency’s younger years.

The Texas-born man was convicted of traffic narcotics, fraudulent identity documents, money-laundering, and hacking in 2015. He got double a double life sentence with no parole option and had unsuccessful appeals after his conviction.

The 36-year-old’s name was in Trump’s consideration pardon list. However, since the president recently granted 15 people pardons by quashing their sentences, chances are looking slimmer for Ross Ulbricht. Nevertheless, the crypto community is actively creating a buzz over the anticipated amnesty.

Sources suggest that Ulbricht’s work contributed immensely to cryptocurrency today, and it made people enjoy the secrecy of the darknet. Some time ago, Trump showed some signs that he could grant the Silk Road’s creator a pardon. Donaldo Trump sympathized with the site’s founder, which made people suggest that a pardon is inevitable.

Things looking bleak concerning Ross’s pardon

Almost 50 people got pardoned by the executive pardon, with no hope in sight for Ulbricht. The pardoned parties are close associates of Trump, some sources claim. No one knows for sure if the executive head could still grant the founder a last-minute pardon, following the president’s anticipated exit from the Whitehouse. Ross isn’t the only one in the space who wishes Donald Trump would grant pardons. However, the executive member has shown that his pardons are for people within his circle or who served the country.

Some legal analysts felt Ulbricht’s sentence was too harsh for not even being a direct party to the claims. In the judge’s defense, she claimed that the 36-year-old created a platform that could be beyond the law. The clamoring for the young man’s pardon continues, as documentations fills the web, explaining why the charges were too stringent for the platform’s creator.

Based on the creator’s LinkedIn profile, he believed in liberation and living without boundaries. The sentence could translate that he is willing to create a platform where anything could be bought or sold. In America today, many things are prohibited, so its sale will ultimately attract legal implications.

David Pražák