Serbian Crypto Scam Leader Extradited To The U.S To Face Trial

Serbian Crypto Scam Leader Extradited To The U.S To Face Trial

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency space continues to be the main discussion of several analysts, investors of the ecosystem, not excluding the general uninitiated public who seem to be more interested in the asset these days. However, the success has not come without its problems, as the rate of scams, hacks, and several other vices continue to be on a high in the crypto community. The latest of such news is one of a famous crypto scam gang, lead by a certain Antonije Stojilkovic, who have scammed cryptocurrency investors of at least $70 million.

Stojilkovic and Co. had lured their victims with fake business platforms

According to the United States Department of Justice, the report has now announced that the Serbian scammer who led his team to dupe several investors will now face his trials in the country where he got most of his victims. The charges labeled against Stojilkovic and his team include theft, fraud, and money laundering, which they will now face the law over.

Stojilkovic and his teams of several scammers based in any part of the world had devised more than 20 fake crypto trading platforms, luring the investors to invest in trading, staking, and several mining offers. As a means of luring these investors, the fake platforms offer them juicy returns on the investments or stakes.

The trading platforms created had also lured customers by selling them Bitcoin at half the market price. Prerak Shah, an acting Attorney of the Country in his statement, had expressed his delight that the scammers who had promised investors about a 30% refund on any loss and profit of more than 80% on their investments are now going to face the law for their horrendous crimes against humanity.

U.S Department of Justice to ensure justice is served

The ongoing legal trials of the Stojilkovic team is one that is on another level, as there was never any trading platform, neither were they any registered company, as the business was built on pure deceit. Some of the platforms used in their scams were typical of other types of crypto scams. Stojilkovic and Co used several fake receipts, fake testimonies, and fake names of prominent individuals and investors to con others into their schemes.

According to the United States Department of Justice, the count of charges on Stojilkovic and his fellow scammers means that the ex-programmer could spend at least 20 years in Prison. Stojilkovic and his gang’s scam is one of the most capital and labor-intensive scam in the United States Department of Justice investigation history, as it took the government body about few months to complete its investigation of the crime.

Unfortunately, news like this will continue to hamper the cryptocurrency market space’s growth, despite its recent successes. However, the good news is that the United States Department of Justice has however declared that Stojilkovic and his gang will face the law’s wrath, and those affected will be compensated possibly.