How StsRoyal Has Designed Every Feature to be the Best Cryptocurrency Platform in the Industry

How StsRoyal Has Designed Every Feature to be the Best Cryptocurrency Platform in the Industry

StsRoyal Cryptocurrency Platform

If you want your online broker to give you the best of everything, you are on the right track. There is nothing wrong with having some high expectations from an online broker. With how technology has improved in the recent years, it makes full sense for any trader in the world to get the best from any broker. It is a pity that not all brokers are paying as much attention to improving their services as StsRoyal. This broker has proven to be the best in the game today. It is hard for other brokers to compete with it because of how perfectly StsRoyal has designed its feature.

Let’s take a look at these features to find out if whatever has been stated in the previous passage is really true.

StsRoyal as a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies, you have to make sure to find a platform where you can trade digital coins with ease. Does it really mean something to trade digital coins with “ease”? Yes, it means a lot of things and you will understand as you continue to read. The first thing you want from your online broker is for it to give you a lot of cryptocurrencies for trading. You will find hundreds of online brokers with huge claims but very little to offer. They are stuck with the biggest cryptocurrencies of the world, namely ethereum and bitcoin. There is a huge universe of cryptocurrencies beyond these two.

Unfortunately, many online brokers think they can fool their brokers with just two or three of the cryptocurrencies. However, you should stay away from such brokers if you are looking purely to trade digital coins. You will hardly find an option better than StsRoyal when you look at the number of cryptocurrencies you can trade with it. Name the cryptocurrency and you will find it on the StsRoyal  trading platform. Just so you know, you have nearly 500 different cryptocurrencies available for trading on StsRoyal trading platform. That’s not just rare but novel as well. There are not many online brokers who will offer you these many cryptocurrencies for trading.

There is nothing more important than having all the cryptocurrencies at hand for someone considering cryptocurrency market as a starting point for their trading career. Rather than trading bitcoin and ethereum, which are hard to access because of their extreme values, you can trade other cryptocurrencies like neo, ripple, stellar, monero, etc.

StsRoyal Offering Safe Trading

You cannot ignore this factor no matter how much you try. There is nothing more important than your security when you trade with an online broker. You have to keep in mind that you are going to provide a lot of your personal information on the website when you sign up. Once you have provided the information, it is the responsibility of your broker to protect it from any elements that could steal or corrupt it. The standards used in the world for protecting the information have been getting stricter with time. You will be glad to know that StsRoyal offers proper encryption of your data before saving it on its platform.

That’s not it. Even your money is safe when you trade with this broker. First of all, the money that you deposit in your trading account StsRoyal goes into separate accounts. These separate accounts are there for your security i.e. the company will not mix your money with its own money. It is also the standard of the financial industry. You will also see that this broker has some strict anti-money laundering policies. This way, the broker prevents any illegal entities to start trading on its website.

You will also see the know-your-customer policy in place when you sign up with StsRoyal. The KYC policy is there to protect the customers even if it might seem a bit annoying at first. Your broker is going to ask for your identification information because of this policy. If you don’t provide this information, you don’t give enough reason to the broker to protect you. What if someone else uses your information to sign up on the website? How will the broker know when the information you provided is not even visible to the broker? For this reason, you have to provide your identification information while ensuring its integrity.

The StsRoyal Online Trading Platform

This is an extremely debatable point in the online trading industry. Should you be on a web-based trading platform or pick a mobile application? Of course, you have the desktop versions of these trading platforms as well. However, you have to know which option is perfect for you. Different people prefer different type of trading platform, but you have to agree that there is no option more convenient than a web-based trading platform. A web-based trading platform kills the need for the traders to have multiple trading applications. When you go with a desktop trading platform, you cannot use the same on your mobile device.

If you have a mobile application on your smartphone to trade, you will not be able to use it on a desktop computer. Not to mention, there is a huge difference in your trading experience when you move from a desktop computer to a smartphone for trading, even if you are using the same application. On the other hand, you have the web-based trading platform allowing you its access from anywhere you want. You can use any device you want and from any country you desire, you can access this trading platform without any compatibility issues. It will run on your smartphone, desktop, laptops, and just about any device you can think of.

You will also love the fact that your trading experience will not be affected when you switch between these devices. Your trading experience will be more or less the same when you are using a web-based trading platform and you move from a desktop computer to smartphone or vice versa.

The Leveraged Trading for Traders

If you are a trader looking to start your trading career and make money from it, you will have to learn to use the leverage. Leverage is something that your online broker makes available for you to make more money on your trades. Leverage allows you to control big trades, even if you don’t have enough money in your online trading account. You contribute the money you have in your account whereas your broker contributes the rest of it. At the end, you benefit from large profits on your trades. Now, the question here is how much leverage can you get for your cryptocurrency trades from StsRoyal.

The leverage you can get from the broker is 1:5. Yes, this might not seem big but you have to compare it with what others are offering. This leverage is quite big when you take into account the value of cryptocurrencies. You will not be getting more than 1:2 leverage with most other online brokers. These brokers are big but they are not very generous when it comes to offering their traders some leverage. On the other hand, you are getting a huge leverage on your cryptocurrency trades from StsRoyal.

The Access to Trading Signals

The importance of trading signals can never be ignored. Trading signals are something that new traders do not pay much attention to. However, you are highly recommended to learn them and use them in your trades. Trading signals are more like the results of the analysis done by trading experts of the industry. They run their analysis and give the results to the market. By “result” it means that you know whether to go long or short on a trade based on the trading signal. However, getting access to valuable trading signals is not that easy.

When you sign up with other brokers, you have to pay a price for accessing the trading signals. You will be surprised to know that some brokers base their account types on trading signals. They will offer you trading signals in only the advanced account types. If you are a basic trader who is just starting in the trading industry, you will not be offered the trading signals at all. The brokers should not do that. They should give trading signals to all of their traders because of the many benefits. If you are getting the best trading signals from reliable sources, you are likely to enter more successful trades than a trader who does not use these trading signals.

The Ease of Trading

Modern traders are not interested in conventional and traditional trading platforms and their features. In the past, you had to click quite a few times before you could enter a trade. You had to choose a lot of options to enter a trade every time. These actions made traders lose a lot of their precious time in doing something that did not yield any benefits for them. You will be experiencing the most convenient features for traders when you are on the StsRoyal trading platform.

As soon as you log in to the platform, you will see the charts of the assets that you can trade. You will find all the valuable information about different cryptocurrencies here. In addition to that, you will be able to enter the trades with only a click of a button. When it comes to smartphones, you will just have to tap on the chart of the asset to enter the trade. There is no wastage of time and you can make profits from your trades without any interruptions.

Not just that, you can also customize the layout of the trading platform according to your needs. This option might not seem very important to the new traders, but they understand its importance after trading for some time. Believe it or not, you are a unique trader whose trading habits do not match any other trader in the world. The dashboard of your trading platform should be optimized for you only. When you use the dashboard of some other trader, you will notice the difference instantly. With StsRoyal, you can customize the layouts according to your needs so everything is at your fingertips at all times.

Customer Support That’s Unbeaten

You will have to give credit to StsRoyal for its unmatched and unbeaten customer support. First of all, you will love how you are treated on the phone when you call for a concern. It does not matter how basic your query is, you will be given proper attention by the professionals at the company. In addition to that, you will have the professionals ready to serve you at any time of the day and night. Yes, you will be getting 24/7 customer support once you are a trader on StsRoyal trading platform. It might not seem like a new thing but it is quite an achievement to get 24/7 customer support in the online trading industry.

In most cases, you are given customer support only five days a week. Not to mention, the customer support department is available during the working hours only. It is true that even 24/7 is not that impressive when there is a wait time of 10 minutes ruining the customer support. You don’t even have to worry about long queues when you are with StsRoyal. The company has a number on the website that you can call to schedule a call back. Yes, give your contact details on this number and a professional from the company will call you back to help you with your concern. That’s definitely unbeatable.


So, it should be clear to you by now why StsRoyal has become one of the best online trading platforms for crypto traders and investors. There is much more than just cryptocurrency trading that makes up trading experience. StsRoyal is offering you some great leverages along with a trading platform that you can use from anywhere in the world without any device compatibility issues. Last but not least, you have the professional customer support staff helping you 24/7 with whatever issues and concerns you might have.

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