The Motley Fool Scoops Up $5 million Worth Of Bitcoin

The Motley Fool Scoops Up $5 million Worth Of Bitcoin

The Motley Fool has joined the league of crypto investors as it predicts that the investment will multiply tenfold within 15 years. The website also advised its followers to do the same as the firm predicts that after ten years, the investment would be worth ten times or more of its present value. Contrary to what the name portrays, the site is famous for giving wise investment tips. After investing in Bitcoin, the Motley Fool has suggested that its readers do the same because of the huge prospect inherent in the digital currency.

The Motley Fool to Invest $5 Million in BTC

The Motley Fool has put down the sum of $5million to join the league of famous individuals and organizations joining the crypto industry. As of the time of writing this report, Bitcoin is trading at $52K as it broke its all-time highs yesterday.

The site says though many investors are worried about BTC’s volatile nature, there Is a huge possibility that Bitcoin will multiply its value when looked at from a long-time perspective. The team is planning to hold Bitcoin for as long as possible.

Furthermore, in a statement, The team revealed why it is now entering into the crypto industry. It says it agrees with those who see Bitcoin as a future dependable currency whose worth will be far higher than the gold. The firm also believes that once the bitcoin price is stable, it will be a reliable medium of exchange.

Lastly, the firm agrees with the notion that Bitcoin has outranked gold as an inflationary hedge. The company is entering the crypto market gradually, unlike MicroStrategy that is investing in billions of dollars. Meanwhile, there is a divergence of opinions on whether MicroStrategy has attained the Bitcoin ETF Level. MicroStrategy, the Investment intelligence firm ha,s been holding more than $71K worth of Bitcoin, an equivalent of $1.140billion since last year, seeing its investment making considerable gains in just a short period.

The Company Explains Why it is Investing in Bitcoin

The Motley Fool strategy aims at concentrating on assets that have the prospects to yield at least 1,000% gains in 5 years. So, it advised its readers to have 30 different holdings to diversify. The diversification strategy will ensure that stocks that make huge returns will offset those that couldn’t.

On their website, The Motley Fool explains further that their recommendation of Bitcoin is part and parcel of their “10 times” portfolio strategy. Thus, they suggest that cryptocurrency serves as a significant portion of their portfolio. Cryptocurrency is among the 40 assets that The Motley Fool team has picked for a long-term investment. The group says the company will invest $5milion soon, and any members interested in the advice can quickly take the opportunity.

However, they advised members to debate on investment issues to gain more insights into the recommended stocks. The Motley Fool also gave an insight into the site’s mission. The team asserts that part of its goal is to create smart, happy, and wealthy people by providing able and useful investment advice, albeit with a blend of jokes. The company derives its name from a Shakespearean book, a court joker who was fond of confronting the king with the truth but amusingly and entertainingly. The firm says that it believes in team spirit and transparency.