Top Ten Bitcoin News Sites Of 2021

Top Ten Bitcoin News Sites Of 2021

In the crypto world, it is very easy to get lost and lose sight of what is important. Usually, it is the new traders who struggle a lot to understand the inner workings of the financial market. This is because of the many complexities that arise within the field. There are so many things that constantly keep on changing, and traders need help understanding. This is why there are many news sites that exist. These news sites are always up to date with all the recent changes in the market and keep you updated with each and everything about the cryptocurrency field.

Many of you may be wondering why it is important to know about Bitcoin news sites. Well, here’s why. Everyone in the crypto world, as well as those who are not a part of it, have heard of Bitcoin one way or another. Many also know how it is a game-changing cryptocurrency and is the most sought after one in the financial market. But this is a cryptocurrency that is digital. This means that unlike the regular currencies, which you can touch and see, you cannot do the same with Bitcoin. It remains a part of the web, even if you buy it. And just like regular currencies experience fluctuations, the same happens with this cryptocurrency. Although, the fluctuations experienced by Bitcoin are much more unstable as it is a volatile asset.

As a trader, you also have to work with a broker so that you can access the financial markets. Many brokers promise to share market trends and news with you, but that is not their speciality. The deep research that Bitcoin News sites carry out and the information that these sites provide cannot be matched. This is why, even if you are working alongside a broker, you should still keep up with news sites as these will benefit you by providing you with the latest updates. Let’s say you are holding on to a certain amount of Bitcoin, and the price fluctuates. But you would not know it, because most probably you are busy trading or doing other things. But Bitcoin news sites specialize in providing an insight into what the recent occurrences are. The information that this site would provide can help you decide whether it is best to still hold onto the currency, sell it, or buy more.

This is why those traders who are interested in Bitcoin should use these sites if they want to stay informed. But you have to keep in mind that whatever site you choose to rely on has to be trustworthy. It has to be a site that provides very accurate information and informs you of all the trends and fluctuations on time. There are many sites in the market that provide updates, but I have compiled a list of the top ten news sites. These sites have a good reputation and help traders or others stay informed and notified on what is going on with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So, continue reading to find out which site will be most suited to you.


If we talk about the best news platforms for bitcoin, then CoinDesk will always be on top. This platform is providing some of the very best features and services which make it among the top 10 best bitcoin news sites. The platform has over 10 million visitors who prefer CoinDesk as their primary source of news when it comes to cryptocurrency. The company was established in 2013 when the market of cryptocurrency was on hype. More and more traders were choosing crypto trading as their source of income, and the platform of crypto trading has provided them with some pretty significant numbers as well.

From the day of the establishment of CoinDesk in the market, it has only climbed the ladder of success and popularity. More and more traders prefer CoinDesk over any other source because of the authentic and updated platform that has been provided by CoinDesk. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies known as bitcoin was among the very first achievements of CoinDesk. The platform of CoinDesk introduced the Bitcoin Price Index, and it was done when no others were doing it. By looking at that, many big news companies like CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and many others have commended this feature of CoinDesk, which is labelled as Bitcoin Price Index.


CoinTelegraph is a really good site for updates on Bitcoin. If you are looking for a platform that is reliable, simple to understand, and well known, then this one is certainly for you. It provides regular updates on many cryptocurrencies, which include bitcoin along with Ethereum and others too. This platform also provides many articles on a regular basis so that customers can get informative resources. The site provides information in many different languages so that no customer is excluded. These are English, Spanish, Serbian, Brazil, Japanese, and many more.

It was founded in 2013 and has now become one of the most trustworthy sites for updates on cryptocurrencies. One of the good things about CoinTelegraph is that it’s not just focused on providing news, but it also educates its customers through articles on various topics. Every year, CoinTelegraph manages a conference by the name of The Blockshow. This takes place within the crypto space but is an event that is widely anticipated, and many people partake in it. On this platform, you will also get access to tools that help in the trading market. The two main examples of these tools are heatmaps and a calendar called ICO.


If we talk about reliability and authenticity, then BTCManager is the option that is worth noting. It is a news source that offers a wide variety of authentic and legitimate news about the crypto world and especially Bitcoin. The platform provided by BTCManager is free of any biases or influence from anyone and is delivering what just the reality is.

The platform of BTCManager is very well organized for all those traders who love to be oriented. As soon as you visit their platform, there you will see different sections regarding crypto trading, as news about blockchain, DeFi events, and many more. And for all of those who are looking forward to trade cryptocurrencies, BTCManager has a dedicated slot where the live prices of some of the major assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc., are listed.

BTCManager was established in 2014 with a motto to provide information regarding cryptocurrencies. Unlike other sources, BTCManager is not a financial project. Rather it is focused on making traders more aware of crypto trading and how much potential it has. This motto has given BTCManager a very clear vision of what to deliver, and that is just reality and facts.


NewsBTC is another platform that specializes in providing news and materials regarding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This is a platform that was also established in 2013, and it has grown to be a really good and reliable news site. When you visit NewsBTC, you will come across many reviews and other news updates and information on various cryptocurrencies. Through this platform, customers get the chance to stay updated on Bitcoin and whether their prices are fluctuating or whatever recent news there is regarding coins. This is a site that is also regarded as one of the top sites for blockbuster news, which many customers are interested in.

If you are one of those people that worry about reliability, then be assured that NewsBTC is a good option, as its reputation precedes itself. It has been around for a couple of years and has worked very hard to ensure that it remains steadfast in its research. Those customers get immediate news alerts, and it also published articles daily to educate the people on the crypto world. The site is completely easy to use, as NewsBTC did not want to intimidate its customers but rather make the journey of learning very simple and easy. You can also choose to take a course on the platform to learn how to trade.

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is among those very few news sources which are specialized in Bitcoin. One of the biggest media companies “BTC Media LLC” owns Bitcoin Magazine. However, Bitcoin Magazine also provides news related to Blockchain and other cryptocurrencies as well, but Bitcoin is a speciality. Bitcoin Magazine has a sole motto to provide the most authentic and latest news from the world of crypto. One of the reasons why most of the traders choose Bitcoin Magazine as their source of news is because of its authenticity and experience. One of the founders of Ethereum, known as “Vitalik Buterin”, was among the first persons to publish on this platform.

The platform was started back in 2012, and ever since then, it is gaining popularity and proving itself as one of the best news sources for Bitcoin. As mentioned on their website, the team of Bitcoin Magazine specializes in Bitcoin, but it is not only bounded by one asset. It is providing news regarding other assets as well, and that is the reason why it is the most spacious platform for newsgathering. So if you are looking for a news source that focuses and specializes in Bitcoin, but at the same time you don’t want to feel left behind from other news sections as well, then surely Bitcoin Magazine is the best option that you have.


CryptoSlate is one of the most progressive news sites to have ever existed. It is a relatively new platform when compared to others. It was first started in 2017 but has managed to make itself well known in the market. It is an extremely reliable source for news and has constantly maintained a transparent service for its customers. This usually helps because customers then know that any information they are receiving is completely true and trustworthy. CryptoSlate originates from Seattle. The good thing about it is that it provides a lot more than just news.

This means that you will get access to analysis, information companies, lots of data, and other news too. Readers of CryptoSlate are much more equipped and prepared for the market than any other news site’s readers. The reason is that this platform grants you deep research of cryptocurrencies, which includes the prices and data that belong to over 2000 cryptocurrencies. You will also get information on the centres of 26 blockchains. This platform is not owned by any company. However, it is an organization that is independent and self-sufficient. So if you are looking for a site that will grant you skills along with news, then CryptoSlate is a good option.


As the name tells us, Bitcoinist is a primary source for the news related to Bitcoin. It tells you everything that is happening around the world of Bitcoin trading, but not just that, it also provides news from the latest events happening around the world of crypto trading as well. The platform of Bitcoinist is also equipped with a live price index of some of the major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and of course, Bitcoin. Bitcoinist is a very reliable source of news, especially for those who are interested in news related to Bitcoin. The platform has different sections that provide information to traders through different articles, which are going to help them to understand more about Bitcoin and how it works.

Bitcoinist is providing a very wide variety of services as we have discussed that it is specialized in Bitcoin. However, it also offers other services like reviews of different crypto wallets, credit cards, and many more. On top of that, the interface of Bitcoinist is designed in a very efficient and easy-to-use way. Everything is kept in a place that doesn’t throw everything at the trader’s screen and makes it difficult to understand.

This is a platform that provides the most accurate information on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is a leading site for news and has risen as one of the leading cryptocurrency and blockbuster news channels. On their site, you will get the chance to choose from 4 languages. The reason behind this is that gets customers from many different regions, and therefore to accommodate all of them, it has provided options which are English, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

On the top, there is a constant strip of updates on price fluctuations. This is made to be catchy so that customers are attracted to it and see it immediately. Then the subcategories include the latest news, press releases, and many more things. is managed by a company that is based in Saint Kitts and Nevis. The company’s name is Saint Bitts LLC, and its goal is to provide the latest updates on Bitcoin. The news this site provides is not of average type, but it is very diverse. It is a combination of political, practical news, tools updates, DIY tips, and so much more so that customers are not restricted to one type of information.


CryptoPotato is one of those very few news sources which provide you with a wide variety of information. The authentic sources and wide segments make CryptoPotato a fascinating option for those who are willing to stay updated about everything related to the cryptocurrency field. But in the race of gathering more and more information, CryptoPotato doesn’t compromise on the authenticity and is delivering news regarding Bitcoin as well.

For the new traders, CryptoPotato has a section labelled as “Guide”. Under this section, there are many informative articles related to crypto trading and Bitcoin. This will help new traders to get used to the world of crypto trading and Bitcoin if they are looking forward to stepping into crypto trading.


This is a site that was introduced in 2018, which is very recent. From the beginning, the platform had announced that the goal was to help customers understand what the market is all about. Once again, this is another site that is focused on producing authentic reports so that customers can rely on it. Decrypt is funded by a company called ConsenSys. It is based in New York. It also follows four main steps to ensure that the goal is reached.

The first one is to make everything simple for the customers. This means that the site constantly works on simplifying everything that others have made complex. On this site, you will come across articles and news that are very simple and easy to get. The site also helps to understand how to use trading technology without complicating it. The second step is to tell customers stories. This helps them understand the market in an interesting and easier way. So that there is no burden involved. The third step is to be authentic and transparent. And the fourth is to use technology to help the site in achieving the intended goal.


As a trader, you have to stay updated with the latest news regarding crypto trading. No doubt Bitcoin has changed the game of crypto trading. It has helped many traders change their fortunes by simply investing in it at the right time and earning some pretty huge rewards after a few years. But all of this happened because of the information that they possessed regarding crypto trading. Nowadays, there are many news sources that are delivering news from all over the world of crypto, but the question arises that are they even authentic? In order to settle the confusion among traders, this list has been made, which is surely going to help traders choose their source of news.