TrustSwap Announces Launchpad Update

TrustSwap Announces Launchpad Update

TrustSwap, a blockchain project making waves and attracting attention in the Cryptocurrency space, has announced via the company’s official website that it has news concerning Launchpad. Launchpad, which went live late last month, is one of the company’s offerings that cater to providing for its clientele; fundraising opportunities, mass exposure, and marketing at low costs. On the post, the company made mention of it having more perks in stores particularly targeted at Launchpad users, as it confirmed that every Launchpad project has remained above its prices, sitting five consecutive wins.

SWAP will be used to stake and earn rewards

Users who want to participate in the new offering are expected to buy SWAP, the TrustSwap official token. SWAP which currently trades at slightly above $0.5 will be used to stake on Launchpad. At the initial announcement, the staking pool was 70% full and now the company, in a bid to ensure accountability has placed representatives whose duty is to underscore that the pool is full.

As of the 16th of December, the company announced that it had about $20 million in its staking portal. The staking procedure will allow users to earn benefits in USD, as it confirms that users can make between $100-$750, depending on their stake.

Yield partnered with TrustSwap to launch a reward program earlier

In an announcement by TrustSwap on the 7th of December, Yield via its “Yield App”, an application that bridge traditional and decentralized finance by providing high-return investment funds, came to the TrustSwap Launchpad to launch a reward program that subsequently went live on 14th December, 2020.

In the official tweet by TrustSwap, the Yield App which has a banking, security, and asset management license, will give an annual reward of 12% to its customers. DeFi analyst and Youtuber, Josh Cross in his tweet noted that the new platform allows users to save on Ethereum fees by batching transactions together and with a minimum of $100 can stake.

He further believes that the custodial nature of Yield makes it possible to invest such little Sums. Unlike the Launchpad which requires SWAP, Users in the reward program will be required to Yield(YLD) tokens which currently trades at about $15.5 as at writing.

Launchpad to provide professional service

The TrustSwap Launchpad is a full-service suite of professional services and fully-audited smart contracts designed to help blockchain projects start on the right foot with the tools they need for success. The first token to launch on the platform is Chain games, while others such as MobiePay and Aubit followed suit.

YIELD makes DeFi accessible to anyone. Operating under a banking license, YIELD offers an insured investment fund managed by a team with years of experience in FinTech and cybersecurity. At the core of its strategy is the YLD token, which rewards community members and allows them to boost their APY from 12% to 20%.

David Pražák