Why This is The Right Time To Invest DeFi tokens

Why This is The Right Time To Invest DeFi tokens

DeFi’s massive growth continues to attract more investors following Elliot Wainman’s decision to give his decentralized Finance service protocol AP13 for the ongoing altcoin market mania. The top and popular crypto trader believes this is the right time to invest in any DeFi tokens as a result of the bull run which he tagged “DeFi mania.” While revealing his reason for such a decision, the highly-rated crypto investor tipped the API service protocol as the only company capable of challenging fast-growing DeFi-based company Chainlink.

Chainlink and AP13 to benefit more from the ongoing DeFi mania

According to him in an updated YouTube post, AP13 was ahead of the Chainlink node in the pecking order because they are conversant with the issues with Chainlink. Nonetheless, he picked Chainlink and AP13 to benefit more from the ongoing DeFi mania. The Well-respected claimed there was great importance and benefits traders stand to benefit from on-chain liquidity underwriter Keeper DAO (ROOK). He equally stressed that mining for the new ROOK is close to becoming a thing of the past.

Sharing his thoughts on the Archer DAO (ARCH) protocol that was established to help increase profits made by Ethereum miners, Wainman believes the protocol is fulfilling its objectives having brought much fame to the DeFi part of the crypto world. He also disclosed the role played by cross-chain liquidity and stake farming protocol RAMP, saying the coin isn’t only attracting new users but also increasing in price and trading prowess. In his remarks, RAMP might end up becoming 10-times more expensive in the next rally as long as it maintains steady growth.

Ethereum Price To Reach $3000

Meanwhile, Ethereum price has been tipped by the Chief Technology Officer at Bitfinex to reach an all-time high of $3000 if Bitcoin’s price volatility isn’t boosted in the coming months. According to Paolo Ardoino, the digital asset isn’t ready to follow Bitcoin’s slump as it maintains the ongoing bullish run.

He claimed that ETH has a higher chance of improving its financial status as a result of its ever-growing potential and apparent ability to support numerous projects. He believes the digital asset will play a key role in ensuring more blockchain projects are completed, and more decentralized applications are launched.

Though ETH experienced a slight drop in price at lunchtime, Coinbase’s daily crypto market report revealed the digital currency bounced back before the end of all transactions for the day. The second-largest cryptocurrency presently has 50 SMA support on the 4-hour chart which means its increasing price won’t stop soon.

As of the time of this writing, a unit of the flagship altcoin is valued at $1,400, and it is expected to reach nothing less than $1500 before the end of the week. Ardoino expects Ethereum’s price to benefit from the fast-growing DeFi’s protocols which are generally valued at $19 Billion at the moment. Meanwhile, XRP’s troubled period is far from over after experiencing a sharp decline in its price value. It currently stays at $0.26; Bitcoin Isn’t faring any much better after failing to exceed $31,597 for the second day in a row. Polkadot stays at $16.40 at the end of Tuesday’s business transactions.